Priyanka Chopra Confesses About Marital Issues With Nick Jonas: Are They Divorced?

Priyank Chopra and Nick Jonas


Priyank Chopra and Nick Jonas

Actress Priyanka Chopra has been married to musician nick jonas since 2018.

Chopra and Jonas’s romance started in a very modern way – by a direct message from Twitter. In a joint interview with Vogue In 2018, the couple revealed that they didn’t kiss the first time they spent time together in person. In fact, Jonas gave his future wife a friendly pat on the back. “If you ask me, it was too respectful, ”Chopra joked.

Chopra, 39, spoke profusely about Jonas (29) in the interview. “I don’t knew myself this way. This guy turned me into this girl, “he said. But in a presentation at the podcast “Ladies First With Laura Brown” In November 2021, Chopra opened up about the hardships the couple have recently endured.

Chopra and Jonas have had a ‘very, very tough’ year

It’s been a busy year for Chopra and Jonas, and their work schedules have forced them into a long-distance relationship. “This year has been very, very tough. It was very, very hard being away from home for a whole year, especially at a time when you can’t travel to see your family, ”Chopra said in the podcast “Ladies First”.

Chopra lived in the United Kingdom while Jonas was in the United States. “The uncertainty was such, and that was terrifying for me, not being able to take a flight and travel in case something went wrong or something happened. But luckily, you know, everyone was fine, “said the former star of” Quantico. “

How they made the long-distance relationship work

Chopra explained that she and Jonas had to quarantine each time they visited, making visits even more difficult. It was difficult to make the extensive quarantines work with their busy schedules.

“Everything was really complicated, but we managed. He traveled a lot of times, I flew a couple of times. My mom came and stayed with me for almost five months, which was really nice, ”Chopra commented. The actress said Jonas did a great job prioritizing and visiting her, even when it was difficult to do so.

“Like I said, this year was tough for me being in London. He would drop everything – even come for like for a day – just to have dinner with me and fly back. Things like that, you just have to prioritize the other and then everything feels good, “said Miss Universe 2000.

Chopra calls her husband ‘Old Jonas’

The internet has been quick to judge the ten-year-old difference between Chopra and Jonas. But Chopra revealed to Vogue who calls her husband “Old Jonas” because of his serious and reserved nature.

Despite the joking nickname, Jonas showed himself more like a crush puppy than a wise older man when he was meeting Chopra, according to one of his brothers. Joe Jonas told Vogue that he and his wife, actress Sophie Turner, had fun watching Nick pining for Chopra at the 2017 Met Gala, where they both wore Ralph Lauren and they were photographed together.

“I think it left him on his knees. He was like a puppy in love, ”Joe said. The Jonas’ middle brother still has a photo from after the gala. “He (Nick) was sitting on the floor. And Sophie and I were laughing at him. We said, look at this little lover and intoxicated ”.

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Priyanka Chopra Confesses About Marital Issues With Nick Jonas: Are They Divorced?