Queen Elizabeth and the celebrities who would die in 2022, according to ‘The DeathList’

The list that the portal makes every year is becoming more and more famous’The DeathList‘(‘ The death list ‘, in Spanish), which gives the name of the fifty Famous which, according to the website, will have high chances of dying for the next 12 months.

Being famous enough that their death is reported by the UK media”Is the requirement that the committee takes into account to create said list.

Another requirement is that only 25 candidates can reappear on the list for a consecutive year.

By 2021, ‘The DeathList’ hit 12 of the 50 celebrities it proposed. On the list were Captain Tom Moore, American boxer Leon Spinks, sportscaster Murray Walker, prince philip, footballer Jimmy Greaves, among other celebrities who lost their lives in the past year.

This year, the Queen isabel II does his fourth appearance. In 2021, the monarch was in position number 25, this year it rises to number 12.

At the top this year is 97-year-old actor Dick van Dyke. It is the seventh time that his name has been taken into account.

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Another name that draws attention is that of Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State of the United States, who appears on the list for the tenth time and goes from being in position number 13 to second this year.


Queen Elizabeth II and Pelé are on this year’s list.


Arthur Edwards. AFP / EFE

In third, fourth and fifth places are actress Angela Lansbury, actor and host Bob Barker and economist Alan Greenspan, former president of the US Federal Reserve System, respectively.

Other names that attract attention in the list are the former president of the United States Jimmy Carter, in position nine; football player Pele, at number 41; former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, in 44th place, and millionaire murderer Robert Durst, in 36th place.

‘The DeathList’ broke all expectations in 2020, when they ‘guessed’ the deaths of 20 people who were on their list.

Only two of them are directly related to covid-19 “, he secured the portal on his website.

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The list turns out to be quite indiscreet for many. It should be noted that the names in the list are only one ‘prediction‘of the portal and more than one of the celebrities has presented health problems or are elderly, which is why they may be within the list.


Here are some of the celebrities they hit on last year: Captain Tom Moore, Jimmy Greaves, Abdelaziz Bouteflika and Prince Philip.


Vickie Flores. EFE / Neil Hall. EFE / Ryad Kramdi. AFP / AFP

Other names on the 2022 list

• Nigel Starmer-Smith
• Loretta Lynn
• June brown
• Tony Bennett
• Dick Cheney
• Harry Belafonte
• Mel Brooks
• Mikhail Gorbachev
• Sir Bobby Charlton
• David Attenborough
• Emperor Akihito
• Leslie Phillips
• Rosalynn Carter
• Sandy Gall
• Desmond Morris
• Ted Kaczynski
• Jean-Marie Le Pen
• Estelle Harris
• James Whale
• Cleo Laine
• Bill Turnbull
• Jerry Lee Lewis
• Jacques Delors
• Denis Law
• Prunella Scales
• Sidney Poitier
• Burt Bacharach
• Stanley Baxter
• Noam Chomsky
• Bill Treacher
• Norman Tebbit
• David Crosby
• Michael Gambon
• Douglas Hurd
• Marianne Faithfull
• Milan Kundera
• Linda Ronstadt
• Jean-Luc Godard
• Joss Ackland
• Shane MacGowan

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Queen Elizabeth and the celebrities who would die in 2022, according to ‘The DeathList’