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After the 95-year-old monarch had to cancel her commitments last week after contracting covid-19, the Daily Mail highlights that Elizabeth II made this decision to avoid so many trips and be calmer given her state of health. She will now remain in Windsor, where she was confined during the pandemic.

The health of the long-lived sovereign, who this year celebrates seven decades on the British throne, caused concern after he tested positive for the coronavirus on February 20.

Windsor, the castle where Elizabeth II will live, after leaving Buckingham Palace; Why is it so important to her?

It seems that age begins to do its thing and prefers to settle in a place to be calmer and not having to move from one place to another as often. Although the Queen enjoys iron health at her age, her recent contagion of Covid-19, together with the small ailments she has suffered recently, have led her to make the decision to settle in Windsor Castle and not return to the palace from Buckingham.

Elizabeth II’s decision is to settle in Windsor Castle and not return to Buckingham Palace (photo). Photo: Shutterstock

With this new turn, Isabel II leaves what has been a royal residence since 1837. In addition, Buckingham Palace will remain under construction until 2027, with a reform that has cost more than 300 million euros.

Queen Elizabeth II resumes virtual commitments, a week after reporting Covid-19 contagion

The Queen’s wish is not to return to the center of London and to stay permanently in the county of Berkshire, a place full of history and memories where she will continue with her official agenda as well as continue to act as hostess with her loved ones.

Initially the Queen was going to live in her private apartments on a temporary basis, a decision that was made as a result of the mentioned work that is going to be carried out in the palace, but finally it was decided to abandon it permanently to reduce the number of transfers.

Being in Windsor means a small modification of the sovereign’s agenda that is in line with recent events and with the mobility problems that she has recently presented, as she herself has explained.

Your pace of life will be more relaxed since your commutes will be reduced by ceasing to be Buckingham the operations center and administrative center. He will receive the Prime Minister as well as the authorities and other personalities in this castle whose doors have already been opened to leaders such as the President of the United States, Joe Biden, who traveled with his wife Jill Biden to the city on the Thames for the G7 summit. . In addition, it will continue to opt for telematic meetings whenever possible, a format that guarantees your comfort while allowing you to stay on top of your commitments.

Isabel II cancels virtual activities because she still has mild symptoms of COVID-19

The fact that Buckingham is undergoing a major refurbishment it also appears to have influenced Elizabeth II’s decision to stay permanently at Windsor. The Palace, which has 775 rooms, is undergoing renovations to install new wiring, pipes and boilers. These works, which have an approximate cost of 400 million pounds, will possibly be completed in 2027.

Sentimental meaning of Elizabeth II

Windsor Castle exceeds five hectares and is the oldest in the world that are inhabited.

The castle exceeds five hectares and is the oldest in the world that are inhabited. Isabel II has a strong sentimental bond, since it is the place where her husband died in April of last year and where the Duke of Edinburgh is buried, specifically in the Royal Vault of St. George’s Chapel. They also rest there the remains of the monarch’s parentsthe Queen Mother and King George VI.

What will happen when Queen Elizabeth II of England dies?

Another reason for the great significance of this enclave that William I the Conqueror ordered to be built in the 11th century is that the sovereign is very close to two of her four children. While Prince Andrew lives at the Royal Lodge on the same Windsor estate, Prince Edward is just a few miles away in Bagshot Park. In addition, he is away from the hectic pace of the city, where he can be in contact with the countryside and his beloved animals.

the castle

The interior of the castle is quite a sight, although inside this house there is another, the “small” dolls’ house that queen mary ordered to build in 1921. It is a faithful replica of an aristocratic house of those years and is the largest dollhouse in the world. Another of its most notable buildings is the chapel of St. George, a 15th-century Gothic temple that was the scene of the last farewell to the husband of Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh. During the WWIIWindsor Castle became the refuge of King George V and his family, in the same way that it was for Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. (I)

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Queen Elizabeth II leaves Buckingham for good | People | Entertainment