Queen Elizabeth II reappears, the covid ran errands for her

On February 20, it was reported that the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom He had tested positive for the Wuhan virus after an outbreak that occurred in Windsor Palace, and despite the fact that the British monarch was said to have mild, flu-like symptoms, the world could not stop worrying about his illness. health condition.

Especially because the Queen isabel II She is 95 years old and although she is very healthy, the covid has wreaked havoc on many people of different ages and physical conditions, in addition, the concern increased after the cancellation of the monarch’s activities was announced on Tuesday, February 22 .

However, this Tuesday the British head of state reappeared to hold his weekly audience with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, so this comeback gave us hope and makes us think that covid ran errands for queen Elizabeth II and that he is already in better health.

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At least that is what Buckingham Palace announced, from where information was issued that the queen spoke to boris johnson on the crisis that exists in Ukraine, which is undoubtedly a pressing issue, however, experts point out that Elizabeth II’s doctors would not let her resume her work activities if they did not see improvement in your health.

So this virtual meeting has allowed us to see an encouraging picture regarding the health of the mother of Prince Charles of Wales, so, although she must still remain isolated for a few more days, the fact that she has resumed her activities means that it is most likely that you are already feeling better.

Especially because we remember, covid has a period in which during the first days the symptoms are felt more intensely and then decrease drastically when the infected person begins to recover, then it is expected that theQueen Elizabeth II is in that recovery phase.

The increasingly deteriorated image of the queen

During 2021 we have seen a deterioration of the strong image of Queen Elizabeth II, which has to do with the various problems that her family has caused her, since the interview that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle offered for Oprah Winfrey where they told secrets of royalty, to the matter of Prince Andrew accused of abuse.

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This added to the advanced age of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the fact that in 2021 she lost the love of her life, her beloved husband Prince Philip of Edinburgh, for which the monarch has had to endure everything , even so, it seems that the covid has not been strong enough to be able to with it.

So her subjects are happy to know that Queen Elizabeth II is already recovering, mainly after rumors spread of the possible death of one of the longest-lived monarchs in the history of the United Kingdom.

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Queen Elizabeth II reappears, the covid ran errands for her