Radiant, Kim Kardashian is presumed celebrating her children and her mother

Once again the beautiful american model, kim kardashianshowed how much she loves her Internet audience, sharing with us two very special moments for her, first the Mother’s dayin which he was celebrating with the matriarch of the family Chris Jenner.

It was through two publications of his Instagram official as she showed us how beautiful she looked in both events, in addition to attaching a few souvenir photographs with his momlooking back a little and thanking for all the beautiful things that have lived together.

We know very well that they have a Excellent relationshipboth famous have a lot of affection and for the other for which they have been present both in their best moments and in their worst, supporting each other as mother and daughter.

This celebration was more than 4,400,000 likes, a piece of entertainment that as we mentioned attention thanks to the beautiful memories that she shared there too, such as a photograph where we could see both of them much younger than at this time, when Kim was just a girl.

For his fans, being able to enjoy those moments, even in photographs, is very important and they thanked him in the comments, but another publication also quickly arrived in which he was celebrating his little son’s birthday. psalms.


Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian shared these special moments with her family, celebrating mothers.

Kim Kardashian perfectly prepared her son’s Hulk-themed birthday party, even with some drinks bearing her son’s name, handing all defendants a pair of fists from the famous green superhero.

There is no doubt that they had an excellent time with the family, but something that also caught the attention of all Internet users is how beautiful Kim looked in that interesting black outfit that she chose to celebrate, of course also accompanied by her other children.

In each of the images we can see how well they had a good time, which is why we invite you to continue having an excellent time too and accompanying this famous woman and many others in their best publications, some of them get to share very special moments like the case we saw today, don’t let go.

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Radiant, Kim Kardashian is presumed celebrating her children and her mother