Raphy Pina says goodbye to her daughter and turns herself in to serve her 41-month prison sentence

the music producer Raphy Pina Nieves He surrendered to the authorities to serve his sentence after receiving his sentence on Tuesday to 41 months in prison after being found guilty in December 2021 for violating the federal law on possession of firearms.

Federal judge Francisco Besosa, of the district court of Puerto Rico, also imposed a fine of 150,000 dollars, reports Telemundo Puerto Rico. His defense had applied for parole without jail time.

The producer was supported during the hearing by his partner, the singer Natti Natashahis three older children and more than twenty relatives and friends, including the singer daddy yankeewho spoke to the media to express his unconditional support for Pina, according to the newspaper The new day.

“I am going to reorganize everything. My work team already knows what they have to do. They are going to enjoy music, while I enjoy it. Nobody is fully prepared, but I am positive,” he said after his sentence.

I’m going home to kiss my daughter. I am going to change and surrender voluntarily”

raphy pina music producer

Pina had until this afternoon to say goodbye to her family and make herself available to the authorities.

In the company of his partner Natti Natasha and their three older children, came to the Federal Court to comply with what was agreed and find out which prison he will be transferred to to serve his sentence.

“We are respecting the process, here we are… I am going for the appeal, I think I have no more tears,” he told the media waiting for him outside the court.

The producer described what his activities were before surrendering to justice: “I went to see the girl, I ate a sandwich and took some sugar pills.”

The last words he said before crossing the door where he was received by the security guards, Pina sent a message to the people who have supported him during this process.

“Thank you for your prayers, thanks to all those people who continue to write to me and nothing, support and love my family very much,” he said.

[Daddy Yankee y otros famosos reaccionan a la dura sentencia contra Raphy Pina]

You will seek your freedom

After knowing his sentence, Raphy indicated that he will not give up and that he will appeal the judge’s decision.

“Today I am going to prison, but I am going to come back and fight for my rights. I only ask for faith, to follow the prayers, to take care of my family and to know that I am not going to leave.

In addition, he pointed out that his case is not linked to drug trafficking or any other crime for which he has been previously investigated: “This business is not drug trafficking, it is not money laundering. They investigated me since 2018… They couldn’t prove anything.”


María A. Domínguez, Raphy Pina’s attorney, reported that several important errors were made in her client’s trial, which will be used to appeal the sentence.

“We have publicly filed a motion, which is the basis for requesting bail in the appeal, where three blunders are cited that were made in court, and at the time of filing the appeal several more will be added to the facts,” he explained. .

These errors would have been due to the exclusion of a witness presented by the defense and dismissed by Judge Besosa and due to the erroneous presentation of evidence, according to the lawyer.

“We have all the faith”

Upon arrival at the court, the producer indicated: “(I am) positive, the strongest thing I have right now is the family, it is with me, through thick and thin… even if the sentence is jail.”

Natti Natasha, mother of his youngest daughter, indicated: “He has prepared us for everything. With God in front of us we have all the faith that we will return and since he is alive, I trust that he will return and is his father forever ”.


The singer daddy yankeefor his part, stated: “Here I am supporting the family, my friend, I am in the capacity of a friend and, obviously, also a caregiver of his family… we have been talking to him, obviously because you have seen him, by his nature he is worried.”

Hours earlier, the 43-year-old producer had sent a message to his followers through his Instagram account: “I feel grateful for all the support you have given me, with all the people… everyone knows who I am, the neighbors know who I am, what I have dedicated myself to for the last 20 years”.


He also dedicated a message to his youngest daughter, isabella lifewho on May 22 celebrated his first year of life: “Today I didn’t say goodbye to you, because I’ll come back when you’re awake and I’ll give you lots of kisses. I love you.”

Some days ago, Raphy Pina got the judge’s approval to get out of his house arrest for a few hours to attend his daughter’s birthday party. Besosa gave him five hours, from 11 in the morning to four in the afternoon, to enjoy it together with her family.

In addition to the daughter he has with Natti Natasha, Raphy has three more: Mia, 17, Rafael, 16, and Antonio, 14.

Your problems with the law

In 2015, Raphy Pina pleaded guilty to bank fraud and money laundering, charges for which he received a sentence of two years probation.

According to reports from The new daythe music executive was linked to two shootings in 2019. On the morning of December 8, one of his music studios located in Caguas was machine-gunned and at night there was a shooting at the Puerto Rico Coliseum, where Daddy Yankee was performing.

These attacks led the FBI to raid two Pina properties in 2020: a residential property located in Caguas Real and a gas station owned by the producer.

During the investigation at his home in Caguas Real, the two firearms that have put him behind bars were found today, despite the fact that his defense argued that someone else could have placed the weapons there, since several people had access to the vault where they were found.

According to Judge Besosa, the weapons in question would have been acquired by Raphy on the illegal market, as a convict and after having sworn that he would not commit any more illegal acts.

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Raphy Pina says goodbye to her daughter and turns herself in to serve her 41-month prison sentence