Raúl Santa, ‘Pupuchurro’ in ‘Betty, la fea’ passed away

Raúl Santa - Betty, the ugly

On the right, the actor in ‘Betty, the ugly’


Twitter: @BolanosMartha / @julioc_herrera

On the right, the actor in ‘Betty, the ugly’

Several members of the cast regretted his departure and sent their condolences to the actor’s family.

Raul Santa, remembered for his role as ‘Pupuchurro’ or ‘El check’ in the telenovela ‘Yo soy Betty, la fea’ (1999) died on the afternoon of this Monday, November 15.

According to the local media ‘Crónica del Quindío’, the actor was fighting against a “painful disease.”

After his departure, several members of the cast spoke out on social networks.

Julio Cesar Herrera, who played ‘Freddy Contreras’, wrote: “Raúl’s beautiful soul … have a good trip, dear companion.”

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Ana Maria Orozco, famous for giving life to the character of ‘Betty’ also manifested: “I am very sorry for the departure of the beloved actor and colleague Raúl Santa. RIP.”

In addition, I send a hug to the actor’s daughter, Valeria Santa Arias.

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Martha Isabel Bolaños, ‘la Pupuchurra’, spoke as soon as she received the news: “May your sweet soul rest in peace. And thank you.”

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Raúl Santa, ‘Pupuchurro’ in ‘Betty, la fea’ passed away