Rebel Wilson’s secret to achieving her new figure

Rebel Wilson has been in the news lately for her great physical change by losing more than 30 kilos, after what she considers a “new lifestyle”.

The actress decided to undergo an extreme change a year ago.

The actress, recognized for roles as ‘Fat Amy’ in the ‘Pitch Perfect’ movies, attended the red carpet of her new Netflix movie ‘Senior Year’ in May 2022 and was very comfortable in her body. In addition, as some media have pointed out, in this premiere she tried silhouettes that she had not used before.

However, it should be noted that this also has to do with the fact that many Hollywood designers do not want to wear large bodies, so their options are now much broader.

What was your motive?

As of 2020, Wilson made the decision to begin a process that she considered, as she posted on Instagram, “life changing.”

According to what she explained to ‘Apple Fitness’, she made this decision because she eventually wanted to be a mother. Together with her doctor, she reviewed the option of freezing her eggs, but he warned her that the success of the retrieval process and its subsequent function would increase if she lost weight.

“At first it wasn’t even about me, I was thinking about future mini-me’s and their quality,” the actress commented.

For this reason, he decided to follow the advice of his doctor who recommended that, due to his weight, he start exercising in the form of daily walks of one hour, because that was the way in which he could lose more unwanted body fat.

However, the opportunity for a “new life” also caught her attention, as she herself explains. In an Instagram post portraying the process she wrote: “I used food to circumvent my emotions. I see that girl now and I am so proud of what she has become and what she has achieved.”

He further added, “I just want to cheer up those who are struggling with their weight or body issues or emotional eating. I understand them, I know how that is, but it’s never too late to start improving and try to be the best version of yourself that you can be.”

As it did?

Although it is key to remember that a slim body does not necessarily imply health, the main thing was to seek medical advice that could lead to a sustainable decrease in body fat.

As for food, Wilson told ‘Apple Fitness’ that his menu was based on proteins and vegetables cooked in the most natural way possible. This means that he got rid of all the ultra-processed or sugary foods that were in his daily consumption.

To accompany his diet, he also hired a physical trainer, Jono Castano, who in an interview with the magazine ‘Hello!’ He commented that he did personalized routines for Wilson that consisted of six-day-a-week workouts in which they worked on weights, resistance and mobility.

The key, however, is in the balance between eating healthy, exercising and not feeling guilty if one day you want to get out of that rut too.

Currently, Wilson has been letting go of the day-to-day rigidity of the first years in which she began to lose weight, since it did not seem viable with her projects as an actress.

In social networks, many people have congratulated the actress for the “glow up”, a term that indicates a change that makes the person look better.

However, many comment that Wilson’s beauty has always been there, but only now that she is thin do people notice it.

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Rebel Wilson’s secret to achieving her new figure