Reese Witherspoon and her ex, Ryan Phillippe, together on their son’s 18th birthday

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe were one of the sexiest couples in Hollywood in the early 2000s. They met in 1997, on the actress’s birthday, and soon they fell in love. They were married on June 5, 1999, However, this love was not forever and, shortly after the interpreter won her first Oscar for Best Actress for her role in On the tightrope in 2006, they divorced. As a result of that union, Ava, 22 years old, was born and Deacon, who celebrated his 18th birthday this Saturday. The young man has been the reason why we have seen their parents together again, something unusual, except for issues related to their children, to celebrate this great event in the family.

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This weekend Ryan Phillippe posted some images with Deacon and Reese, celebrating their son’s coming of age with a loving message: “Happy 18th birthday to our precious, intelligent, talented and loving son. You are a true light in this world and you are very loved by all who know you. We are lucky to be your mother and father. I love you puppy “. He also added a wink to his ex-wife in which he said: “I’d say we did pretty well Reese Witherspoon”, making clear reference to his son and showing that there is a good relationship between them today. Faced with such a statement, the protagonist of A very legal blonde answered: So proud of our son… I mean our ADULT son! “, accompanied with a heart. The birthday boy, Deacon, reciprocated his father’s love by commenting with a “Thanks dad! I love you.”

Reese witherspoon he also wanted to honor his son sharing a series of snapshots of the young man, who is dedicated to the world of music, among them, one of Deacon getting ready to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. “How did this happen? !! Deacon is 18 years old? !!”, wrote incredulous the interpreter of Big lillte lies. “One day I was trading Pokémon cards, singing Bruno Mars songs and playing American Ninja Warrior in the backyard.” And he continued his memory with: “The next day he is taller than me, grilling the family steaks and making his own music with his best friends. My heart is filled with pride for the young man he is becoming.” To end the congratulations to his son, with whom he shares a great resemblance, Witherspoon wrote: “Happy 18th birthday, Deacon! I love you to the moon, the sun and all the stars”, prayed the message of the excited mother. To which Deacon could only reply with a: “I love you mama !!”.

The couple is carrying a healthy relationship for the sake of your two children together. In 2016, Ryan explained in an interview with ET: “You have to get to that point as a divorced parent., where you are not putting yourself first. You want the children’s experience to be their own and not like, ‘Well, I need to have my time!’ We have been very good at it. ” the star of The Morning Show speak last June in the magazine Interwiew on what it meant to her to see her children grow up: “The idea of ​​having a long relationship with grown children makes me want to cry”, told reporter Tracee Ellis Ross last June.

“I never expected the kind of relationship I have with them, but it is so gratifying to have children with whom you can understand life somehow and they help me understand the complexities of what it means to be human now, “Reese continued.” So I’m very, very grateful that these little humans are in my life. “To which she added with a laugh:” Adult humans. I now have two grown children, Tracee. It’s crazy. The famous actress has another son, Tennessee James, age 9, with her current husband Jim Toth, whom she married in 2011.

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Reese Witherspoon and her ex, Ryan Phillippe, together on their son’s 18th birthday