Reese Witherspoon’s daughter faces hate comments after claiming that “gender doesn’t matter” when falling in love

ava philippe was born and raised under the shadow of two famous parents who found love between shoots. The daughter by actress Reese Witherspoon, fruit of her relationship with Ryan Phillippe, is well aware of the risks of being exposed to the media eye and public opinion, which is why it has always ensured to maintain as much privacy as possible. For this reason, the 22-year-old surprised her fans a few days ago when she decided to open up about her sexuality during a question session on Instagram, where she answered the question of one of her fans: “Do you like boys or girls?” girls?”. She was clear about it. “I’m attracted to… people! Gender doesn’t matter,” he said then. Although she is not the first or the last known face to be honest about it, many have responded to the news with harsh criticism that has not left Phillippe indifferent.

“Quick reminder: I will block all profiles that comment on hateful messages in my publications”, assured this weekend the influencer on the same platform in which he was honest, after receiving numerous comments intolerant of his situation. “On my Instagram profile there is no place for cruelty or hate speech, and I will do everything I can to keep it that way. Peace and love”, he added, making clear his rejection of all those who have entered his public account to send hurtful messages to the LGTB + collective.

Although he has not ruled out his attraction to women, his current partner is Owen Mahoney, a student at the prestigious University of Berkeley (California) which they both attend and from which they hope to graduate this year. From the first kiss between the two, which managed to capture a paparazzi, their relationship has been strengthening discreetly. The last time they were seen together was in the summer of 2021, when the young man joined Phillippe’s family vacation in the Caribbean. Little is known about him other than that he grew up in San Francisco and has only thousand followers on Instagram, unlike his partner, who adds up to a million.

For her part, Reese Witherspoon, a performer in films such as cruel intentions or A very legal blonde, already made it clear in November 2021 during one of his interviews for the magazine InStyle who has tried to instill the best values ​​in both Ava and her brothers Deacon and Tennessee. “I fully support my children finding their truth. Specifically, Ava is down to earth. She wants to do great things in the world and is studying to learn and try to find herself. It’s important to try different things in life and find out what your path is,” said Witherspoon. “It’s a strange situation because I didn’t grow up in fame. So Ava is living an experience that I did not have, like all my children, “he concluded, assuring that the family has learned over time to defend itself from the adversities that being a public figure presents.

The actress, now 45 years old, had her first two children very young together with her professional partner and ex-husband Ryan Phillippe: Ava was born when she was 24 and Deacon just three years later. “I got married at 23 and at 27 I was already a mother of two children, so… I don’t know, it’s also good to get to know yourself first. I would not change anything that happened, but now that I can advise my daughter, I have told her that it is at 25 when you really start to know who you are, “he explained, based on his own story.

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Reese Witherspoon’s daughter faces hate comments after claiming that “gender doesn’t matter” when falling in love