Relive the complete Miss Universe 2021 gala, broadcast on TV and online

The Miss Universe 2021 had his final ceremony on the night of December 12 and several television channels broadcast this important event, which has been carried out in the world for seven decades. This contest not only seeks to reward beauty, but also the human quality of the participants, remembering that the winner of the contest must do works of social action during her reign. In the case of Peru, the model Yely Rivera has the objective of giving the crown to her country after 64 years.

Live: Miss Universe 2021 minute-by-minute broadcast

Miss India is the new Miss Universe

Andrea Meza placed the crown on the winner. The representative of Paraguay is the first finalist and that of South Africa the second.


Andrea Meza says goodbye to Miss Universe

The Mexican was moved to tears as she took the Miss Universe stage, preparing to deliver the crown.



The members of the qualifying committee are deliberating

In moments we will meet the new Miss Universe.blank

The finalists give their final parade

They modeled to the rhythm of “Hallelujah”, performed by Israelite musicians.




The finalists will face each other with their answers

While one candidate answers the contest question, the other two will have noise-proof headphones. They were asked what advice they would give young women in dealing with today’s pressures. blank

These are the contestants who reach the top 3

The representatives of South Africa, India and Paraguay could be the new Miss Universe.blank

Miss Philippines spoke in favor of COVID-19 vaccines

He gave his opinion in favor of the vaccination passport, noting that it will support more people to be inoculated. blank

“We must cultivate inner beauty,” said the representative of Paraguay.

The contestant was questioned about the “bodyshaming”, and pointed out that the inner beauty must be worked so that it is reflected on the outside. blank

The South African contestant was questioned on social media

He believed that people should have the opportunity to redeem themselves if they misused their virtual platforms.blank

Start the round of questions

The contestants will choose the name of one of the members of the Selection Committee at random to be asked the question.blank

They will remain in Miss Universe!

Representatives from Paraguay, Colombia, South Africa, the Philippines and India made the top 5.blank

They will be one step closer to taking the crown.blank

The misses dazzled on the catwalk

The members of the top 10 surprised the audience and judges.



The contestants were graceful

They dominated the Miss Universe runway with their ball gowns.



Start the parade in evening gowns

The members of the top 10 model to the rhythm of the American singer Jojo.



Miss Chile is the participant with the greatest social impact

The Latin American contestant will take home the award for Impact Wayv. She leads the organization Volunteers for Children, which seeks to educate children.blank

Miss Nigeria was the winner of the national costume contest

Steve Harvey congratulated the contestant.blank

We finished meeting the members of the top 10

We will continue to see representatives from The Bahamas, France, the Philippines, France, Colombia and Aruba.blank

These are 5 of the selected

Paraguay, Puerto Rico, the United States, India and South Africa go to the next stage.blank

In moments the top 10 will be known

They will go on to the next stage of the Miss Universe.blank

The swimsuit parade dazzled the public

During this, the presenters indicated what are the professions and aspirations of the 16 contestants.blank

The swimsuit parade begins

This is the first walk of the members of the top 16.blank

Andrea Meza will be the new presenter of Telemundo

After handing over the crown, she will fulfill her dream of being a television host. blank

Andrea Meza takes the stage

She spoke about how important it is to empower women, something she has been able to do during her short reign. blank

Venezuela and South Africa are the last selected

The participant spoke about her first experience in professional acting. blank


Paraguay and the Philippines close to the crown

The contestant from the Philippines is a favorite. Many of his followers are present at the gala, and they shouted when they heard that it will go on to the next stage.



Vietnam and Aruba advance to the semifinal

The Vietnamese contestant pointed out that Miss Universe is a space “for women, to raise their voices.”



The selection committee chose 15 of the 16 semi-finalists

The other position will be defined by a vote of the followers of Miss Universe.blank

India is one of the favorites and goes to the next stage

The candidate did an imitation of a cat, amusing the public.blank

Britain and America are one step closer to the crown

The English participant seeks to use her platform to empower women.blankblank

The Bahamas and Japan remain in competition

The contestant from Japan said she found inspiration in Miss Universe 2007, who was an example of an Asian woman when there was not so much representation.blank


Puerto Rico is the fifth semifinalist.

The Puerto Rican participant taught Steve Harvey to dance. This is the first group of 5 semifinalists, 3 of whom are Latin American.blank

Singapore and Panama will go to the next stage

It is the first time in 30 years that Singapore has reached the semi-final.blank


France and Colombia go to the semifinal

They are the first two selected.blank


They are the members of the selection committee

Marian Rivera (actress – Philippines), Adriana Lima (model – United States), Adamari Lopez (actress – Puerto Rico), Rena Sofer (actri – United States), Rina Messinger (former Miss Universe – Israel), Lori Harvey (empress – United States), Iris Mittenaere (influencer – France), Urvashi Rautela (actress – India).blank

The selection committee reveals its process

They indicated that they are looking for an authentic woman, confident of herself, and willing to take on the role for the next year.blank

This is the 70th edition of Miss Universe

blankJacqueline Bracamontes and Cristián de la Fuente lead.

Yely Rivera, the Peruvian contestant, was introduced

At the start of the gala, all the participants are named. blank

The queens took the stage

All the participants paraded during a musical presentation.blank

Natalia Jiménez opens the gala

The singer performed “My hands are burned.” blank

The Miss Universe 2021 begins

The final gala of the beauty pageant begins, which is held in the city of Eliat, Israel.blank

In a few minutes the 70th edition of Miss Universe 2021 will begin

Just 16 minutes before the start of the new edition of the most important beauty contest in the world: Miss Universe 2021. Also, we will see our Peruvian representative, Yely Rivera who will compete with another beauty queen from more than 100 countries. Attentive!


Oricia Dominguez, Miss Portugal; Michelle Colón, Miss Puerto Rico; Luiseth Materán, Miss Venezuela; Débora Hallal, Miss Mexico; and Lalela Mswane, Miss South Africa, are some of the beauty queens with the best chance of winning the pageant.

The important ceremony will take place in the Universe Arena of the city of Eilat, Israel, the gateway to the south of the country, which has an oasis that stretches on the shores of the Red Sea. The perfect setting to receive the glamorous participants.

The contest of Miss Universe 2021 this will be done Sunday, December 12 and in Israel it will air on December 13. Find out here what the starting time is according to the different countries in the region:

The beauty pageant can be seen live on the channel of Telemundo. You can also follow the contest with the Telemundo applications on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Likewise, you will have the option of viewing special content related to the contest through the Telemundo YouTube.

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People affiliated with the Sky signal can watch Telemundo live through channel 214 for a standard signal and 1226 in HD.

If you don’t have the tools to watch the contest on television, you have the option of connecting to The Republic Shows to be able to follow the minute by minute of all the incidents of this contest.

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Relive the complete Miss Universe 2021 gala, broadcast on TV and online