Ricardo Montaner and his virtual fight with a psychologist who criticized him for kissing his son on the mouth

Ricardo Montaner virtually confronted a psychologist who pointed out as “abuse” the kiss he gave his son Ricky on the mouth, when he was a seven-year-old boy.

The specialist, who appears both on Twitter and Instagram with the PSI user Flor Rodríguez, shared the image with a strong message that the singer did not like at all.

Initially, the psychologist started a discussion about family dynamics with her Instagram followers. During the development of the event, the participants sent him a photo of the kiss that Montaner himself had shared at the end of November, on Ricky’s birthday.

“On my Instagram profile we were analyzing this photo. Ricardo Montaner kissing his son on the mouth, no more than seven years old. I ask you for a limit,” the therapist wrote on Twitter on January 11. His message received criticism and support.

There were those who did not see badly the kiss on the mouth of a father to his son, while other people condemned the act.

Days later, the interpreter of the theme Kiss Me He responded with noticeable annoyance to the therapist, who suggested that he do several things before psychoanalyzing him.

“Seek urgent psychological help. Also look for a partner and have children, build a family … After all that you psychoanalyze me again, ”said Montaner. His response, likewise, had support and also remarks.

The specialist replied to the singer’s forceful message pointing out the alleged “abuse”.

“The external is always seen as a threat. I thought you were going to ask me for a shift. And I do psychoanalyze myself, if that’s your question. Abuse is abuse, there is not much to analyze”, said the psychologist.

Although Montaner’s response was directly on Twitter, the psychologist’s debate began on her Instagram account. She shared a photo of the kiss in her stories, accompanied by an image of a follower who expressed her discomfort at seeing the singer’s action and a box of questions in which she asked her followers “what they saw in the photo and in the message.” .

The description of Montaner’s publication, in which the controversial image appears, said:

“These were covenant kisses. I would do anything, always, to make you happy… Yicky (sic). Happy birthday dear son.”

In her story, the psychologist added: “Loving a child does not imply crossing limits or eroticizing them in any way. Maybe it sounds extreme, but that kiss is abusive, “he said while starting the debate on Instagram. Later he took his statement to Twitter and it was there that the Venezuelan artist responded.

Blocking on social networks

The singer’s displeasure with the psychologist was such that it caused Montaner to block her. So she told The nation from Argentina, a medium that interviewed her to find out what happened beyond social networks.

Florencia Rodríguez spoke about the controversy around the photo.

“I think it is a subject that can generate controversy, because kissing a child on the mouth is naturalized for many parents, but it can have serious effects on the mental health of a child, even if it is not done with the intention of sexualizing him,” He said.

He also referred to Montaner’s response and added that it would have been a good opportunity for him, followed on Twitter by more than 9 million users, to talk about healthy ways to give affection to children.

“He felt attacked and responded that way. It would have been a great example, due to the public exposure it has, to recognize that this should not be done to a child. You can give them affection in a healthy way and without invading their intimate space, ”said the specialist, maintaining her position.

comments continue

After Montaner’s response on Twitter and the psychologist’s retorts, the comments have intensified. In addition, the opinion of users of social networks has now focused on the controversial image.

The photo has almost 250,000 likes and more than 1,200 comments. Many recent.

“You don’t kiss your children on the mouth,” said @ terelu81. “He who kisses his son on the mouth is loaded with the head. There are other ways to give love to a child”, says user @kimberlydamarijofre recently.

“Let’s not normalize kisses on the mouth of children. That is abuse. Don’t want to call bad good or good bad,” added @griselmarques.

The user @garciaretamar agreed with the psychologist: “You don’t kiss children on the mouth. That is not affection. It is not healthy and I would even say that it is violence. (…) Accept that the Montaners are also quite a dysfunctional family”.

Among the comments against, there are many others in support that rescue “the love” of the photo and tell their experiences.

@stefani_romero-29 wrote: “How beautiful and how much love and tenderness in a single photo. I also give such adorable love to my children.”

The user @marialebebe said: “My brother and I, even in our fifties, give kisses (pecks) to our parents. Also our children.”

“I’m 32 years old and I still kiss my parents on the mouth,” confided jessenia_torrecilla, another follower of the singer.

For its part, Ricardo Montaner, has not referred to the issue.

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Ricardo Montaner and his virtual fight with a psychologist who criticized him for kissing his son on the mouth