Ricardo Montaner’s response to a psychologist who questioned him for kissing his son on the mouth: “Look for urgent help”

Ricardo Montaner
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Ricardo Montaner had a strong discussion with a psychologist through his social networks, who opened the debate about the singer’s relationship with his family, especially with his children Ricky, Mau and Evaluna.

Everything arose as a result of a publication that Montaner shared on November 21 on his Instagram account. The singer uploaded a series of photographs with which he took a tour of his son Ricky’s childhood, hours after his 31st birthday. However, one of the postcards caught the attention of a therapist, who made a particular criticism.

Through her social networks, Florencia Rodríguez analyzed a photograph that shows Ricardo kissing her son – when he was seven years old – in one of the many shows he gave. The message he posted on Twitter was accompanied by the capture of it and some angry words: “In my Instagram profile we were analyzing this photo. Ricardo Montaner kissing his son on the mouth, no more than seven years old. I ask you for a limit”.

Ricardo Montaner
The tweet that provoked Ricardo Montaner’s anger. Twitter Capture

The tweet generated hundreds of reactions from users, but it was the own Richard the one that surprised everyone the most, since she showed notable anger at the debate that was opened. “Seek urgent psychological help. Also look for a partner and have children, build a family … After all that, you psychoanalyze me again, ”he said.

Given his response, the specialist lashed out and replied: “The external is always seen as a threat. I thought you were going to ask me for a shift. And yes, I psychoanalyze myself if that is your question. Abuse is abuse, there is not much to analyze.

Ricardo Montaner
The discussion that the psychologist had with the singer through the social network. Twitter Capture

Among the messages and comments that can be seen, some people defended the singer and others agreed with the therapist, and decided to contribute their point of view on the subject.

“Example of how psychology should NOT be practiced. You do not have their consent, you do not have any request that guarantees that you throw such an outrage publicly, I hope they make a complaint to you, ”wrote a user, angry at the claim against Montaner.

For his part, Rodríguez responded to the criticism and replied: “Being a psychologist does not disqualify me from saying what I think. It allows me to observe issues that are naturalized for others, and that helped many learn and apply it in their lives. That was the goal.”

Ricardo Montaner
The reactions of her followers were diverse, from people who agreed with her and others who defended the singer. Twitter Capture

Many other users defended it, and also contributed some reflections. “I do not agree with a kiss between a child and his mother, be it Montaner or the one on the corner”, “Kisses on the mouth between an adult and a child are not normal and it is not right”.

After the controversy and to clarify the facts, the psychologist -registration No. 47,400- spoke with La Nación and explained the moment in which it all began. “It started as a proposal on Instagram to look at a family photo and infer issues that had to do with the dynamics of the members,” he said.

And he added: “My followers empathized a lot with the subject and began to send me photos, videos, and posts by private message. Among them, the photo of Montaner kissing a 7-year-old boy.

The psychologist showed some of the opinions that came to her through her Instagram account. Capture Instagram

On the other hand, he explained that the debate that was generated with his followers was about whether or not the image showed abusive behavior, so he decided to share the experiences on social networks.

“I uploaded that same photo to Twitter and four days later his response arrived, in addition to the blocking of social networks,” he replied regarding the reply he had with the composer.

He also gave his point of view about Montaner’s reaction, who told him to seek psychological help. “I think it is a subject that can generate controversy, because kissing a child on the mouth is naturalized for many parents, but it can have serious effects on the mental health of a child, even if it is not done with the intention of sexualizing him.”

Towards the end, he concluded: “He felt attacked and responded that way. I would have followed a great example, due to the public exposure it has, that recognizes that this should not be done to a child. You can give them affection in a healthy way, and without invading their intimate space.”

The responses in the tweet continue to accumulate, thus generating a debate with different points of view among other parents, for which some agree with the message shared by the psychologist and others agree with the position of the Venezuelan artist.

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Ricardo Montaner’s response to a psychologist who questioned him for kissing his son on the mouth: “Look for urgent help”