Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman finally reached the altar and got married

Finally the wedding bells sounded and one of the most anticipated dates for the Montaners arrived. And it is that this January 8, the family met in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for one of the most important celebrations of their clan: the wedding of Ricky montaner Y Stefi roitman.

An event that undoubtedly has everyone with feelings on the surface and especially the famous parents of the groom, Ricardo Montaner Y Marlene Rodriguez, who shared their feelings about this celebration through their social networks, where they published the first images of this moment so significant for all of them.

Very moved by the special moment that his family is going through, and especially his son Ricky, Ricardo Montaner, who recently revealed when the son of Eva Luna, He shared a beautiful photograph on his Instagram profile, where you can see the newlyweds dressed in their wedding trousseau, holding hands and posing as smiling as they look into each other’s eyes, moments after having given the “Yes, I accept” in a most emotional ceremony.

At the foot of post, the 64-year-old singer wrote a simple but very significant message, in which he expressed his best wishes for this new marriage. “And they lived happily ever after … Thank God,” said Ricardo, wishing the bride and groom eternal happiness.

For their part, the couple also left testimony of this important day in their love story on their respective official Instagram accounts, where they posted a beautiful snapshot in which they can be seen walking through a corridor full of flowers and surrounded by the affection of all his guests, holding hands and with huge smiles on their faces, celebrating their union in style.

“Forever. S&R. ”, Was the title that Ricky and Stefi chose for the photo with which they generated a stir among their followers, who did not stop sending their good wishes to the couple.

The love story of Ricky and Stefi began in 2019, when the singer reacted, from the Instagram profile of Ricky and Mau, the account he shares with his brother, to a publication that the actress shared on her Instagram stories. Back then, Stefi didn’t know which of the two brothers was the one who had started flirting with her, until Ricky decided to break the mystery and reveal his identity.

The contact continued virtually, until the singer traveled to Buenos Aires, where Stefi is from, without knowing that this first meeting would become the beginning of their romance. After a year of relationship, In October 2020, Ricky and Stefi finally decided to get engaged, so this wedding was undoubtedly awaited by all with great emotion.


According to the Argentine newspaper ‘La Nación’, the religious ceremony was mixed and celebrated by a pastor and a rabbi, since he is an evangelical and she is Jewish. On the other hand, it is known that Stefi’s beautiful wedding dress was from Guevara Ocampo, and apparently had other changes of clothes during the reception.

The couple chose because the wedding will take place in Argentina and not in the United States, where Ricky lives, due to the travel restrictions that exist and vaccination due to the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to making things easier for the family of the influencer.

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Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman finally reached the altar and got married