Rihanna appears with a blouse that allowed her to see her charms completely

The beauty Barbadian singer and now businesswoman, Rihanna, He has recorded many music videos throughout his career and in many of them he has managed to share his great beauty but there is always a clip more flirtatious than the other and one of them is the one that we will present to you.

This is a clip in which we can see one of his famous hits, “Work”, theme song that he performed with the famous rapper Drake, but the most interesting of all is that there are two types of videos.

One that was featured on television and one that is only on the Internet in which we could appreciate the blouse so thin that it allowed its charms to be fully observed.

That’s right, the beautiful singer was shaking her figure, dancing and moving the rhythm of the music In a way that she managed to conquer her fans who are still waiting that one day she can return to these types of videos and of course to sing one of the favorite activities that they appreciate from her.

However, despite the fact that this video made the day of its fans with this beautiful memory and of course its charms almost almost exposed, so far we do not know and Rihanna plans to return to the music industry at some point she is dedicating herself to the development of their own companies and of course to make history in the world and the fashion industry.

Despite the fact that his videos were epic and his songs managed to be big hits right now, he is spending most of his time thinking about new designs and products to sell under his Savage x Fenty brand.


Rihanna / Instagram

Rihanna is gorgeous and her fans miss her music videos.

In addition, he is always thinking about how the new catwalk will be with which he will present his new models. I recently launched volume three of his show where he had great guest stars worldwide.

This Show can be seen through the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video where it has uploaded the three versions that have come out to this day, exceeding the expectations of Internet users and of course also showing that it is up to the events of Victoria’s Secret, which today has already been canceled thanks to the lack of acceptance by the audience who is disapproved of such thin models and designs that were used only by people of that complexion.

Rihanna has been focusing on inclusion designing for all shapes and colors with designs that fit anyone and simply need to be used by someone who feels good about themselves and accepts themselves for who they are.

We recommend not waiting for Show News so that you continue enjoying the beauty of Rihanna and of course the news and interesting situations that arise about the beautiful star.

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Rihanna appears with a blouse that allowed her to see her charms completely