Rihanna opens her trench coat and her charms shine in the camera

To the beautiful Barbadian singer, RihannaShe has shown to have an incredible taste for the world of fashion and has participated in photo shoots on countless occasions, making more than one a memorable result for her and her fans.

This time we will take care of addressing one of those Photo shoots special ones, one that she made for the anniversary of a fashion magazine that decided to include it to celebrate and of course so that with her incredible beauty will represent the brand on this occasion.

The first of the photographs was the one that his fans They enjoyed the most because in it she appears with an impressive white outfit that is made up of a very long raincoat that reaches completely to the floor, however, she decided to open it to show us that underneath she was only wearing a swimsuit of the same color, also accompanied by an elegant walking stick and two other models who were holding an umbrella over her, in addition to the fact that she had very long white boots that covered practically her entire leg.

There is no doubt that until snapshot She managed to capture the attention of netizens who quickly got us to like the publication, taking it to more than 42,000 interactions, a number with which they wanted to show all the support they have for her and her love as fans.

But that’s not all because it is also Photo She was also in others in which she used different outfits that made her look impressive in each of them, such as one in which she looked like a Roman woman, with everything and armor, some very hilarious stockings and a skirt that was perfect with it. theme.

In another of the images, he appears with a tall hat and what seems to be a gown of a wealthy man, a skirt, another cane and finally a very peculiar footwear made with white strips.


Rihanna / Instagram

The beautiful Rihanna shared her great beauty in this special edition.

Another outfit was made up of a black dress totally made with straps, boots with these coppers, high socks and a most interesting and strange hat.

In other images, he completely surprised the Internet by using an immensely high afro hairstyle, it reminded us of the famous Simpson’s hairstyle: Marge, accompanied by a cap on top that ended up giving it an urban touch.

On this occasion he also had the opportunity to wear very long rats, a full red suit, a tampon costume, a full body silver suit and finally a red dress and an impressive hat, each one of the very peculiar and different pieces. that we are used to seeing.

Continue to enjoy the best of Rihanna on Show News, as well as the news that we will be reporting very soon about her, as we must remember that it was not announced that she is not retired from music and that it is likely that she will soon return with something new.

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Rihanna opens her trench coat and her charms shine in the camera