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Alicia Machado and Roberto Romano They defended their love tooth and nail in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, and despite the criticism, upon leaving the reality show, they took the step that many doubted, and established a sentimental relationship. One of those who shouted from the rooftops that they loved each other.

Despite flooding the networks with a lot of love. Photos came and went, hearts, love faces, and compliments to each other, it seems that what they showed on Instagram was not entirely perfect.

This weekend, Alicia Machado surprised her followers by announcing her single status. In a rather blunt message, the Venezuelan was very determined to move forward for the coming year 2022.

“True female empowerment is in our actions more than in our words. Knowing how to discern what we want and need in our lives is decisive. Be careful 2022 that I go with everything, more sure of myself than ever, grateful for the love of my public, single, with an armored and vaccinated heart “, read in the post.

As expected, in the face of such news, the followers were not silent and sought to confirm what ‘La Machado’ said. And although there were mixed messages, some applauded the break, others criticized and some lamented, there was a user in particular who could not stand it and asked Roberto Romano directly if he was single.

To everyone’s surprise, the actor took the time to respond to the comments in which he was mentioned in Alicia’s post, and confirmed the separation. “You are single?”asked the Internet user, to which Romano responded with a simple but forceful “Yes”.

What were the reasons for the breakup between Roberto and Alicia?

So far neither of them has given details about the reasons why they ended their relationship. But the rumors are starting to spread like wildfire in the Mexican media and social networks and point to a powerful reason.

According to information from local media, several celebrities with whom Roberto Romano shared in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, sometimes accused him of manipulating Alicia Machado.

And now, after the breakup, there are those who speculate that this could have been the reason for the former Miss Universe to decide to walk away. With these rumors, it has been brought up when the Mexican was singled out for alleged violence against women, among the victims are his ex-partners.

As revealed by the journalist Gabriel Cuevas, the actress Natalia Alcocer suffered verbal and psychological violence by Roberto Romano. In addition, on one occasion, Laura Carmine put the issue on the table when she declared to the program ‘Sale el Sol’ that her relationship with the Mexican actor did not end well, although she wished him well.

“I hope you find peace in your heart, I hope you can seek help and get ahead because unfortunately that character does not take you far in life”said Carmine about Roberto Romano.

Another of the suspicions of the followers has to do with a recent episode. A few days ago, some photographs were viralized where Roberto was seen kissing another woman in Cancun and although the actor never clarified anything about it, there are also those who speculate about a possible infidelity.

But not all is said, because there are also signs that they finished in good shape. The couple had shared a series of photographs in recent weeks, where they looked very much in love, and they have not deleted them as some celebrities do. In addition, they are still followed on their social networks.

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Roberto Romano confirms break with Alicia Machado and rumors of possible reasons circulate – La Vibra