Roberto Romano reveals the details of his breakup with Alicia Machado

Roberto Romano reveals the details of his breakup with Alicia Machado

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Roberto Romano details the reason for his breakup with Alicia Machado

After Alicia Machado was the winner of the reality show The House of the Famous, where she also began a relationship with actor Roberto Romano. The artist reveals the details of his breakup with the former beauty queen, assuring that the two remained very good friends and will always be grateful to Alicia for her authenticity.

1. Why did Roberto Romano and Alicia Machado end up?

After this fleeting romance between Roberto and Alicia, the Mexican actor revealed in an interview for the program El Precio de La Fama, that both remained good friends. Lack of time was the main reason why the artists decided to finish, in addition to the fact that each one chose to focus on their professional projects.

Interview with Roberto Romano in the price of fame, January 2022“Alicia and I are friends, we ended up very well” “I love Alicia very much and I learned a lot from her”2022-01-08T13:33:45Z

“Right now she is focused on her family, I am focused on my work, she lives in the United States, I live in Mexico and unfortunately the weather did not favor us. We connected very nicely inside the house, she was the person with whom I connected the most, we were very good, I love her very much and both she and I, we only wish each other well, “said Romano.

Kimberly Flores and Romano warm up The House of Celebrities | TelemundoThe House of the Famous is leaving us with many very hot moments and we capture Kimberly Flores very mani-loose with Roberto Romano. Download our App: SUBSCRIBE: Telemundo App Telemundo – Full Chapters is your digital destination to enjoy the programming you like! Watch full episodes of your favorite Telemundo shows, television…2021-08-28T20:10:14Z

There were many scandals within La Casa de Los Famosos, but without a doubt many encounters arose during the coexistence, since the actor was cataloged as a “Don Juan” within the competition. During the celebrity’s stay in the reality show, there was a lot of talk about an alleged infidelity of Kimberly Flores towards her husband, Edwin Luna, with Roberto Romano, with whom he was seen flirting when both were locked up.

“Many people told me what my strategy was, and I didn’t really come in with a strategy, my strategy was to be me, because in the end that leads you to get involved in the game, I was 100% real,” the artist assured for a interview of Formula Group.

2.Alicia Machado contributed a lot to Romano

In the interview for the program El Precio de La Fama, one of the hosts asks Roberto if Alicia actually has a strong character, he responded by assuring that the Venezuelan is transparent, “something I learned from her (Alicia Machado) is being transparent… no matter what you say, in the end you can’t be liked by everyone, and being public figures they will always talk. If I learned something (Alicia) it is that, unfortunately when she shows herself like this, people who are very introverted, not as much as she and I, feel very attacked. assured the Mexican actor who also stated that Alicia is a very good person.

Let us remember that Alicia was the one who announced her breakup with the Mexican actor. Through her social networks, the singer also published a photograph where she is seen radiant and smiling, assuring that she is very grateful for the love of the public , single and with an armored and vaccinated heart.

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Roberto Romano reveals the details of his breakup with Alicia Machado