Rod on a yacht with a girl who looks like Jennifer Lopez? Paparazzi captures her from behind in a bikini with dental floss

Alex Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez.

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

To Rod It seems that he has finally managed to turn the page. They say that his new girlfriend is called Kat Padgett, although it is not with her that he was caught a few days ago on top of a yacht. The sexy brunette, she appears to share the same hair color as Jennifer Lopez. And because of how the paparazzi captured her, she also has the same attractiveness in her rear curves.

Alex Rodríguez is caught with another woman. / Photo by Grosby

Rod looks very smiling next to this sexy woman. From the photographs you can see that they spent a magical afternoon on top of the yacht. They sunbathed, enjoyed delicious drinks and went for a long walk. The former baseball player continues to harvest that particular tan of his, while the girl, with long copper hair, tanned beautifully, letting herself be admired by her companion. Where was Kat Padgett? Nobody has an answer, even for this question.

It should be noted that at no time was Alex Rodríguez seen in a romantic attitude. Of course, the walk seems to have been private, because on deck he was seen only and exclusively with the young woman.

After the relationship he had with Jennifer López and all the rumors of infidelity that he had around him, it is difficult for many to believe that the athlete manages to have a stable relationship while being totally faithful.

The Ben and Jen Scandal

Weeks ago it was said that Ben Affleck could have been unfaithful to Jennifer Lopez. But although this has already been forgotten, many hope that the possibility is just a rumor. But what happened, because Ben’s name was dragged through the mud?

Here we tell you:

The famous actor Ben Affleck is one of the celebrities who once signed up for the exclusive Rayas dating app, known as the Tinder of celebrities. This platform works by invitation and users must demonstrate that they have a certain number of followers on social networks before receiving approval to join, according to Showbiz.

The celebrity Emma Hernan assured a few days ago in the new season of her popular reality show ‘Selling Sunset’ that she had made a ‘match’ in Raya with Ben and that he had sent her several messages proposing that they meet for coffee together.

The problem is that it was not clear when they had had that conversation and he is currently engaged to Jennifer Lopez, with whom she surprisingly reconciled last year after she called off her wedding to Alex Rodriguez.

The famous interpreter was quick to deny through a public statement that he continued to use the app now that he is back with the diva from the Bronx. Who lies then, Ben or Emma? Actually, they may both be telling the truth.

The problem is that Emma ‘forgot’ to clarify that Ben wrote to her in 2019, when he was single after his breakup with Ana de Armas, hence the controversy broke out to the possibility that he had ‘played both sides’ while he was rebuilding his relationship with JLo.

“It was an innocent, unimportant comment that has been taken out of context and has gotten out of control,” Emma defended herself in statements to E! News, assuring that she just wants to turn the page and forget this whole thing.

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Rod on a yacht with a girl who looks like Jennifer Lopez? Paparazzi captures her from behind in a bikini with dental floss