Rodrigo Santoro’s advice to Pablo Motos when it comes to kissing: “Do it with love and with delicacy”

‘The Anthill’ The week has started with the interview of Paul Motorcycles to the actors Alvaro Morte Y Rodrigo Santorowho have spoken with the driver of the entertainment space of Atresmedia which is broadcast from Monday to Thursday from 2:45 a.m. on Antenna 3 of ‘Unlimited’the series that both star in and that will be released this Friday, June 10, in Amazon Prime Video. The fiction, of six chapters, recounts the first circumnavigation of the world Ferdinand Magellan Y Juan Sebastian Elcano coinciding with the fifth centenary of the aforementioned expedition.

Paul Motorcycles He has started the interview questioning the guests about what that event meant for humanity. “It was the first time that it was shown that you could circumnavigate the earth. There were many theories that said the earth was round and so on, but being able to do that wonderful epic of going from one place and coming from another… Watch out for that,” he said. Alvaro Morte. “It was one of the greatest feats in history,” he added. Rodrigo Santoro. The presenter of ‘El Hormiguero’ has recalled that 250 crew members started the expedition and only 18 of them finished it and wanted to know what they think was the hardest thing for the real expedition, whether hunger, cold, lack of hygiene … “The smell had to be impressive, but at each stage of the way they suffered different circumstances and all of them very hard,” said the Spanish interpreter.

Pablo Motos - El Hormiguero

Alvaro Morte.

Rodrigo Santoro tells how he rehearsed at home

On the set of ‘Unlimited’, the cast was not exactly cold. “It was very hot, because we shot in Madrid in June last year and I was sweating all the time, but the makeup made it look like I was cold,” he said. Rodrigo Santoro, who during filming, due to script issues, had to wear a fur coat, although someone came up with a solution so that he wouldn’t get so hot. “A special effects technician glued an air conditioning tube to the coat. It helped me breathe, but my hair also flew,” said the Brazilian, who began practicing two months before starting to shoot the series how to write with a pen and how to handle a sword: “I asked the art department for a pen to train how to write, I took it home and lost it, but I looked for another one. And I also took the sword to practice at home.”

Álvaro Morte confesses the secret of his success

Alvaro Morte He has explained how he prepares the character that he has to interpret in each professional project. “I always analyze a lot each character I get into from many angles and in a very rational way. Here we are talking about a historical character, with which I try to investigate as much as possible and after all that I get, I keep what I’m interested,” he stressed. “Music helps me a lot emotionally. So, every time I play a character, I like to find the type of music that could emotionally connect with that character,” continued the Andalusian interpreter. “For Juan Sebastián Elcano I went to rock, to AC / DC, because I thought of those great rock groups that seem like very tough and very seasoned guys and who do such epic concerts on stage,” he added.

Álvaro Morte recounts his most embarrassing experience

Paul Motorcycles has recalled that Alvaro Morte He had to go to the Ramón y Cajal hospital to get vaccinated against Covid-19 characterized by Juan Sebastián Elcano. “In a shooting of this type, so hard, there is a shooting plan and I made an appointment to get vaccinated because it fit in with the shooting plan. But the shooting was delayed a bit and since I did not want to miss the appointment for the vaccine because I didn’t know when I was going to be able to get vaccinated, I said to myself: ‘What does it matter, then you’re leaving like this, period’. So I left dressed in the 17th century and of course, people try to be discreet and pretend that nothing is happening, but I remember that the nurse had her back to preparing the dose, she turned around, saw me and was surprised. I told her I was an actor and I was on a shoot, to which she replied: ‘Luckily, I already thought you were eating shit ‘”, narrated the one from Algeciras.

Rodrigo Santoro’s tricks when it comes to kissing

One of the most notable roles of Rodrigo Santoro in the acting world was that of Karl in ‘Love Actually’. Paul Motorcycles has recalled statements by laura linney in which he made it clear that the best thing about the film was being able to kiss him and other words of margot robbie What did he say after filming? ‘focus’ that the Brazilian kissed better than Will Smith. the driver of ‘The Anthill’ He wanted to know what advice he would give to a teenager who doesn’t know how to kiss. “To begin with, do it with love, with affection and with delicacy; later, if passion arises, continue with that,” answered the man from Petrópolis, who explained how she kisses during a shoot. “There is a technique to do it because you are not in an intimate environment and there has to be a choreography to express whatever it is. It cannot be compared to real life because we are two actors working,” he added.

Rodrigo Santoro He has worked in Hollywood, but he would not like to settle there. “I started working in Hollywood around 2001, but I’ve never really felt like living there. There are a lot of reasons, but especially because I’m very connected with my roots in Brazil, with my friends, with my family, with my language… It’s part of my DNA. I’ve always maintained my bond with Brazil, which is my home, and I also like to work in various places,” said the Brazilian actor.

Álvaro Morte reveals his best kept secret

To end the interview, Alvaro Morte He has spoken of when he emigrated to Ireland in search of a better future: “I left because I didn’t have a job here and when I arrived it was just the beginning of January and no one hired anyone. I had taken two or three CDs and one of them was from Pata Negra, which is a flamenco group, and since I am completely unaware, I put up some posters all over the city to give flamenco classes, and just when they started calling me, I thought of doing a play in Spain with Concha Velasco and in the end, fortunately, I didn’t have to give any class because it would have been absolutely ridiculous because from 0 to 10 my level of flamenco is 0.25”, he recalled to conclude.

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Rodrigo Santoro’s advice to Pablo Motos when it comes to kissing: “Do it with love and with delicacy”