Romance confirmed: Ester Exposito’s selfie with Nicolás Furtado at the Halloween party

Ester Exposito and Nico Furtado

Although Halloween It is already a memory, social networks are still receiving the tail of the Halloween festivities. Halfway between terror and fun the costumes come from different parts of the world and the curious crowd to see how the famous celebrated the party. And in some cases, between blood, knives and spells, there may be room for love. Or at least, for something very close to that.

The reference is for Ester Exposito and Nicolás Furtado. The Spanish actress, one of the figures of Elite, and the Uruguayan actor, star of The Marginal, dating rumors come surfing. His story, submerged under the overwhelming effects of scandal made by Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi and Eugenia La China Suárezcome alive again just as the main plot goes back to the divorce rumors.

Ester Exposito's crazy Halloween party
Ester Exposito’s crazy Halloween party

The Uruguayan was involved in the novel when he was linked to the former Almost angels, with whom he shared some outings, and by participating in the football match prior to the Platinum Awards, where he shared the court with Benjamin Vicuña, ex from China. As reported in THE M, Furtado and Suárez they started dating in Buenos Aires, before both undertook a trip to Spain to face different professional projects. An image even appeared of them having a drink in a bar in Milan with some friends.

However, as soon as his name began to sound, the Uruguayan released Suárez’s hand and shared photos of the Spanish Ester Exposito, with whom he was also romantically related to him and a few months ago to Vicuña. “The streets of Madrid and its people”, He wrote along with a photo of the 21-year-old actress, who in addition to her global consecration with Elite, worked in various fictions, among which stand out Medical Center (2016), Vis a vis (2016-1028) and I am alive (2017)

Nico Furtado and Lucas Velasco, dressed up for Halloween
Nico Furtado and Lucas Velasco, dressed up for Halloween

Almost two weeks after that publication, the story between the two once again takes on a public entity after a post from the Madrilenian. On her popular Instagram account, with more than 28 million followers, the actress from Someone has to die published a series of images and videos of his celebration of Halloween. Looked as Megan fox on Jennifer´s Body, was shown next to Miguel Bernardeau, a partner in the history of Netflix, and put himself so in the shoes of his character, that he even pretended to burn his tongue.

Amid the bubbly full-color photos and shocking costumes, a selfie intimate cut. Still with the corner of her mouth showing traces of blood, the actress poses in the foreground in front of the mirror, and with a glass in her right hand. Behind him, leaning on his left shoulder, is Nicolás. Barely perceptible between the darkness of the image and her pose, wanting to hide, and at the same time to peek into this new opportunity for love. Something very different from the images he shared on his Instagram, where he is seen dressed up with his Lucas Velasco, his former partner in Educating Nina.

Ester Expósito and Nicolás Furtado's selfie
Ester Expósito and Nicolás Furtado’s selfie

Nico He is usually very reserved about his private life and during all these days he did not speak publicly about the rumors with Suárez or about the situation with Expóisto. . During the summer it was shown in the newspaper The country with whom he would have been his girlfriend for about three years, Josefina Presno. In dialogue with Teleshow The young Uruguayan model clarified what was the situation between them when he began to meet with China.

“The truth is that I have nothing to say. With Nico we have been separated for a long time, he was not unfaithful to me and absolutely nothing bad happened between us. He is a great person and extremely respectful, he would be incapable of doing such a thing. Luckily we have a beautiful relationship, we love each other very much and it will always be that way ”, he clarified on this site.


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Romance confirmed: Ester Exposito’s selfie with Nicolás Furtado at the Halloween party