Rosie Rivera describes her toxic loyalty to her family

Rosie Rivera describes toxic loyalty to her family

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Rosie rivera She is sorry for putting her family before her marriage. This was revealed in a video uploaded to her Instagram account, where she explained that the loyalty she had towards her brothers and family was so great that she put them first, even before herself.

“I believed that my family would never leave me, that we would be united forever (…) The family can grow apart, even if they don’t let you die. My sister left me, she did not abandon me, but she passed away and I had her in the first place ”, she explained after revealing that she did not relate in a healthy way with her loved ones. “I had toxic loyalty to my family (…) It was not healthy for them or for me,” he explained.

The sister of the late singer Jenni Rivera He admitted that the way he related to his family ended up damaging his marriage. “When Jeni was still here, when she had been married for less than a year, and my husband wanted to spend time with me, I said no, I’m sleepy, it’s too late. But as soon as Jeni or Lupe called, I would leave. (…) I told him that they were first, and that started to bother him ”, he said.

Rivera He noted that he had a hard time realizing he was making a mistake. “I thought that Abel (husband) was wrong, that I should understand that my family came first,” she explained after detailing that when she became aware of her mistake, her husband became the most important person in her life.

“Now Abel is my best friend, the marriage is better than ever. We are better parents, because I decided to put him first and that also motivated him to put me first, “he said.

Broken family

Rosie Rivera has confessed in previous statements that she is estranged from her deceased sister’s five children: Chiquis, Jacqie, Jenicka, Michale and Jhonny. “I do not know how my nephews are,” he said on his social networks days before commemorating the ninth anniversary of the death of Jenni Rivera.

For her part, Chiquis, Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter explained in detail what triggered the break with his aunt, end declarations made on his Chiquis and Chill podcast. “We had our doubts for a long time, but I did not want to go into that topic because I knew it would cause problems. In January 2021, I decided to listen to my brother and hire a lawyer to find out how the finances of the businesses and the fund my mother left behind were. Johnny is the one who has been dealing with the lawyer, and what he requested (from my aunt) was not an audit, but an accounting. As a beneficiary, he has the right to ask for it and my aunt Rosie had the obligation to give us that information annually, but she never did (…) and when we asked for it, a great stir was created and we did not understand why. I think that he who does nothing is afraid ”, said the 36-year-old singer.

Rosie has also confirmed that she is also estranged from her brother, the singer Lupillo Rivera, but the events that caused the break are unknown. Those who still keep in his life are his mother, better known as Doña Rosa, and his brother Juan.

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Rosie Rivera describes her toxic loyalty to her family