Rosie Rivera misses her sister Jenni Rivera

Rosie Rivera: I miss my sister Jenni more than ever


This year the Rivera family The ninth anniversary of the death of the artist will live in a different way, due to all the conflicts that have ended up disuniting several of its members.

To begin, Chiquis Rivera, the singer’s eldest daughter, revealed that she distanced herself from her maternal grandmother Doña Rosa, due to public statements she made about her brothers Jenicka and Johnny.

On the other hand, this year has been marked by the conflicts that have been generated by the inheritance left by the singer, and managed by her sister Rosie, since Jenni’s children requested through an attorney to be held accountable for how the funds have been managed. Now it will be Jacqie Rivera who will take over the administration of her mother’s fortune.

While, Rosie Rivera, Sister of the singer and with whom she maintained a very close relationship, revealed that it is very difficult for her to face these dates. “This year I need you more than ever. This year the little girl inside me realized that you will never come back. I love you sister ”, wrote Rosie, next to a photo where he is seen laughing with Jenni.

“Reliving every December 9 is not easy for me. We all lived that day in a different way, I don’t know how Lupe, Gustavo or Pedro live it, I don’t talk much with them. This year I don’t know how my nephews will be or where they will be (…) That day I spent it alone in my room, before I used to watch I love Jenni, but it is no longer something I like to do, now it hurts me more to see my sister ” explained in a video uploaded to his Instagram account.

Thus, Rosie confirmed that she is estranged from the artist’s five children: Chiquis, Jacqie, Jenicka, Jhonny and Michael, despite how close they have been since childhood.

Rosie, 40, recounted her last meeting with Jenni before she died. “It was a Wednesday. We finished recording I Love Jenni and we were hungry, she still didn’t want to go home and we went to dinner. Jenni was very sad and we wanted to eat something greasy, we ate Chinese food and we talked about things of the heart, about how we felt, “she said.

Rosie noted that at the time Jenni was on a very strict diet and was very thin. “She was finally happy with her body, she looked beautiful. She was always beautiful, “he said after revealing that sometimes it does him good to return to those places to mourn his sister.

“It is difficult for me to cry for the person I miss, because I am afraid that I will never stop crying (…) Before, I used to give myself 15 minutes to cry, for example driving from home to work or in the shower, I don’t cry much . She has come in my dreams and I thank God for that ”, he explained.

Regarding what he would like to say to his sister, he affirmed: “When I see her in heaven I will tell her that before I thought I was going to die without her, I will be able to tell her that I did not commit suicide, that I did not return to drugs or to alcohol, and that I needed her (…) I have peace that she is not experiencing the horrible thing that this family is experiencing right now (…) No one will ever be able to take away from me that Jenni and I love each other. I have no shame or shame with my sister, “he reflected.

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Rosie Rivera misses her sister Jenni Rivera