Ruby Barker (‘The Bridgertons’) joins Brad Pitt or Bruce Willis on the list of interpreters with mental illness

Below we review actors and actresses who have made their mental illnesses public.

Depression, bipolarity, anxiety, OCD… They are some of the various mental illnesses that they suffer, or will suffer throughout their lives, 1 in 4 people according to WHO (World Health Organization) data. Hollywood stars also fall within this statistic and, in addition, there are many interpreters who have made their disorder public. A confession that contributes to the rest of society to avoid the stigma of mental health and give visibility to a problem that is increasing among the population.

Renowned actors such as Bruce Willis or Brad Pitt have informed fans about his illness, revealing in detail How has it affected your professional and personal life? Below we review the most notorious cases and how their protagonists have dealt with their mental health problems.

ruby barker


“I’m better. I’ve been very ill for a long time and I just want to be honest with everyone, I’ve had a bad time“. With these words began ruby barker, who plays Marina Thompson in The Bridgertons, a video posted on Instagram. In the post, the actress explained that she has been struggling with mental health issues ever since she started on the Netflix period series. An illness that has led her to be admitted to the hospital in order to find a solution. “I’m going to take a little break and I want to encourage others, if you are suffering, please do yourself a favor: take a break, stop being so hard on yourself. People always told me not to be so hard on myself, and I never really knew what that meant,” the acclaimed actress acknowledged. The young woman already has been discharged from hospital and you are already with your loved ones. Although she has confessed that now she is going to take a break to dedicate herself to his emotional well-being, Barker is not going to give up acting and has several job offers. We hope to see her soon in some fiction.

Bruce Willis

If there is a case that shocked the whole world, that is without a doubt that of Bruce Willis. The well-known actor decided to walk away from acting, as his daughter, Rumer Willis, shared via Instagram: “To Bruce’s incredible fans, we want to express that Bruce has had some mishaps with his health lately and was recently diagnosed with aphasiawhich affects their cognitive abilities.” The question that most fans asked themselves was: what is aphasia? It is a neurological disorder that mainly affects the ability of people to express themselves and understand spoken or written language. disease that complicated his job in acting, as has been seen in his latest films. Gone are the big films like Jungle of Glass or The Sixth Sense, to focus on smaller productions.

Brad Pitt

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One of the strangest disorders on this list is suffered by the Oscar winner, Brad Pitt. The actor acknowledged in 2013 that he suffers from prosopagnosia, which prevents you from recognizing the face of the people with whom you are conversing. Pitt knows perfectly well that he has a person in front of him, but it is impossible for him to recognize his face and find connections with his memories: “There are people who hate me because they think I am disrespecting them,” he told the magazine Esquire.

Frankie Muniz

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Imagine being a great star of the television series and that you do not remember it. The same thing happened to Frankie Muniz, known for playing Malcolm in the middle. After suffering numerous concussions and stroke, his memory was so damaged that, to date, he does not remember having carried out endless activities in his life. Not even a single day of shooting Malcolm!

Jim Carrey

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Jim Carrey confirmed that he would retire from acting after Sonic the Movie 2, but what was the reason? The Truman Show actor prefers to lead a quiet life and out of the spotlight. A fact that reminds us that Carrey has revealed on multiple occasions that he suffers from bipolaritya mental disorder that can take your mood to very high peaks of happiness or deep depressions.

Michael J Fox

Michael J. Fox, best known for his role as Marty McFly in the Back to the Future saga, was diagnosed in 1991 with Parkinson’s, a nervous system disorder. An illness that did not prevent him from leaving the spotlight until 2020. “My memory lapses are due to a reason, be it age, cognitive problems derived from my illness […] Everything has its time, and my time of working 12 hours a day and memorizing seven pages of dialogue is behind me,” he said as he announced his retirement.


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Robin Williams, Oscar winner and one of the most beloved comedians of all time, suffered from Lewy body dementia; a degenerative disorder that can alter movement, mental processes and even responsible for hallucinations. Finally, the actor passed away in August 2014 after a complicated stage where the insomnia and the depression They were the main protagonists of his life.

Leonardo Dicaprio

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Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most successful actors of his generation. The Wolf of Wall Street actor suffers OCD since childhood, something that has not prevented him from building a great personal and professional career. However, this mental disorder has to be taken into account by the producers since it can affect the running of the shoot. For example, when he filmed The Aviator, it took DiCaprio at least 10 minutes from his dressing room to the set. The reason? He was obsessed with going through the same door several times and even stepping on all the gum he saw on the floor.

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Ruby Barker (‘The Bridgertons’) joins Brad Pitt or Bruce Willis on the list of interpreters with mental illness