Ruby Rose puts the universe of DC and Warner series in check

Ruby rose was erected as the great protagonist of Batwoman, the series of Warner for its television universe based on DC comics (of which productions such as Arrow, Supergirl or The Flash). At its premiere in 2019, this superhero fiction was well received after gathering an average of 1.61 viewers in its first season, so Warner did not hesitate to go ahead and announce its continuity. Nevertheless, It came as a surprise that Ruby Rose suddenly decided to abandon her role as Batwoman and not return in season two.. The cause was never clear, and beyond the rumors that arose in this regard, the actress preferred to remain silent. Up to now.

Through their stories of Instagram, the Australian actress has come out to speak at length about the reasons that led her to leave the series. Although in previous interventions such as the one he gave in August 2020 to Entertaiment Weekly threw balls out alluding to the coronavirus and a surgery from which he needed rest, now has tried to be frank and criticize the team harshly after Batwoman for their negligent and sexist attitudes during the recordings, dedicating harsh words to the showrunner Caroline Dries, the president of Warner Bros Television Peter Roth or the actor Dougray Scott.

Ruby Rose on the Batwoman poster (Photo: The CW)

“So far we have come. I’m going to tell everyone what really happened on the set “, began by writing Ruby Rose. “Peter Roth, you are the first. You are the first chapter. I’m not sure if you quit after being promoted to the highest position because you couldn’t stop forcing young women to press your pants, over your package, while you were still wearing them or if you left it after putting on a private detective who you fired as soon as the report didn’t fit your narrative. In any case, as far as you are concerned, there is already an army waiting for you “, it affirmed.

But this sexist attitude is, apparently, the tip of the iceberg of other situations of abuse and neglect that Rose has dared to denounce. Between them, the actress mentions that a member of the team “He had third degree burns all over his body and they did not give us psychological support after seeing how the skin on his face came off”, that the lack of prevention led her to suffer a cut “Very close to the eye” for which she could have gone blind or that they had to interpret a sex scene without being allowed “not a minute to process what happened.” In addition, it also relates the case of a woman from the team who “She was quadriplegic” who they tried to blame “For being talking on the phone” and to what “They didn’t even help because they said they had to investigate what happened”.

The truth is that the previous note that the actress made about needing rest after surgery was not at all misleading with these statements, since in her text Rose notes that she was forced to return to filming ten after being operated on for a neck injury. The actress even attached her X-rays to Instagram stories to criticize that Peter Roth told her that “I would fire the whole team and disappoint everyone” if he didn’t return to the set for the operation. Although apart from Roth, the one who was the protagonist of Batwoman also points directly to Caroline Dries, the showrunner of the series, and her alleged whim of ending the series in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“He has no heart, He wanted us to end the season during the pandemic and I told him that it was a bad idea, that everyone was distracted, checking COVID news, contacting their friends … And seeing that both Riverdale, The Flash, and Supergirl had already stopped filming, I felt like something bad would happen. And she barely visited the set 4 times in a year … never seen before ”, he pointed out. “We stopped filming the next day, not because she almost killed someone, but because the government forced it”.

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Although it is not just the executives and producers behind Batwoman those who are hurt by Ruby Rose’s claims, since he also has words for Dougray Scott, the actor behind the character of Jacob Kane in the series. According to Rose, working with Scott was “a nightmare” because “women screamed” and for actions such as reaching “Hurt one of the specialists”. “He left when he wanted, appeared when he wanted and abused women. So in response, I asked for a no-shouting policy to be applied to the recordings, which they ignored “, Explain.

Faced with such accusations, Warner Bros has not wanted to remain silent. The production company has issued a statement (collected by media such as Deadline) where they explain that they did not want to continue working with Ruby Rose after receiving “Multiple complaints of his behavior”, facts that they studied carefully before making the decision. These have been the words of Warner: Despite the revisionist story that Ruby Rose is now sharing online targeting the producers, the cast and crew, the network and the studio, the truth is that Warner Bros Television decided not to continue their option to hire Ruby for season two. of ‘Batwoman’ based on multiple complaints about her behavior on set that were studied extensively and handled privately out of respect for those affected “.

In his words, Ruby Rose also alluded to these complaints about bad behavior with which Warner defends. The actress claims that she fought with people on set, but she did “Because he wanted us to work safely”, and even witnesses those responsible for makeup and hair of Batwoman. Finally, he ends his statement by asking fans of the series to stop asking him if he is going to return “to that horrible series.” “I would not return for any amount of money, not even if they pointed a gun at my head”, concludes.

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Ruby Rose puts the universe of DC and Warner series in check