Rumors about the state of health of the singer Chyno Miranda are clarified

Chyno Miranda

Chyno Miranda

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The Venezuelan singer of the urban genre Chyno Miranda, from the binomial Chyno and Nacho, has once again been at the center of the news since rumors recently increased of a growing deterioration in his health.

Among other comments that made his thousands of followers run on social networks, it was stated that the interpreter’s relatives were managing the visit of a priest to assist him at such a difficult time. But it seems that the blood does not reach the river, Julio Durnache, the artist’s representative, came out against the gossip to clarify once and for all any type of speculation.

According to the online magazine People in Spanishthe representative blamed the media for exaggerating Chyno’s state of health through brief statements to the Dominican Republic newspaper Free Journal.

Chyno is fine. The press has said things that are not true and we only ask that you respect them. The family is focused on her recovery. When (the family) understands, more details of his condition will be given, ”said the representative, after denying that the singer was currently hospitalized and seriously ill. “He’s fine. I cannot give many details, since I would not like to be the spokesperson, but I can say that he is very well, at home, with his family, ”added Durnache.

People in spanish He recalled that since Miranda was the victim of peripheral neuropathy that practically left him immobilized, after contracting the coronavirus in 2020, his health status has remained a mystery.

It is worth mentioning a note that appeared on the singer’s Instagram account, presumably written by his ex-wife, the model, businesswoman and mother of his son Lucca, Natasha Araos, where it is described that in the first months of the year he began to feel brief but intense discomfort in his hands and legs that intensified, experiencing a lot of pain, cramps, tenderness and numbness, which first forced him to drastically abandon his exercise routines and daily activities to the point where he could not walk anymore.

The letter stated that Chyno’s condition was kept private with great discretion out of respect for his privacy and because of the acute pain he was suffering.

The recent rumors about the singer’s health were seasoned after Nacho Mendoza summoned his partner’s followers to pray for him.

“Through a cousin of his, who is a friend of mine, (I received) very good news. She told me that she is doing very well in his recovery, that she has even been noticing changes than before, ”said Nacho in the morning magazine Today. “He’s still focused on getting better and I feel like that’s where he needs to put all of his energy.”

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Rumors about the state of health of the singer Chyno Miranda are clarified