Rusherking’s birthday celebration and China Suárez’s message: “Love”

China Suárez and Rusherking were seen together again, this time on the singer's birthday
China Suárez and Rusherking were seen together again, this time on the singer’s birthday

Saturday Rusherking turned 22 and celebrated it in a bar surrounded by friends and artists. Once again, social networks left a trace of the virtual coincidences that link him to Eugenia The China Suarezwith whom he was seen very caramelized in the after party of the Martín Fierro 2022 last weekend. Although they did not share photos together, they posed in the same bar and replicated some stories with the same location.

The birthday boy uploaded several stories with Duki Y Emilia Mernes, the successful couple who also said present to toast their colleague. Unlike the effusiveness that was captured at the party after the ceremony organized by APTRA, this time they were not seen red-handed in any of the videos uploaded by Reydel, the artist and organizer of the event. However, an image embraced the former Almost angels did not go unnoticed: “Things happened. Thank you, China, for trusting us”wrote who was in charge of the details of the celebration.

The singer and actress were seen in the same place at similar times on the day that Rusherking turned 22
The singer and actress were seen in the same place at similar times on the day that Rusherking turned 22

The actress did not dedicate any public greeting to Thomas Nicholas Tobar -such is the name of the ragpicker-, but he thanked the restaurant for having made his quarantine happy with shipments of French fries. She also showed three postcards with her two-piece look printed, sitting on one of the armchairs at the bar, and then shared the image of a graffiti that said a significant word: “Love”. His cross postings arrive shortly after the lunch he prepared for the ragpicker in his home with a somewhat children’s menu: Milanese sea bream with ketchup, served on a plate with a design of flowers and plants.

In line with the low profile that both cultivate, this was not announced from the rooftops, but rather the virtual world rejected them due to some coincidences in the stories of Amancio’s mother, Magnolia and Rufina. In their respective profiles, the same tablecloth, the same table and the same glasses served were seen. Suárez showed a long table in the barbecue area of ​​his country house. And a while later, Rusher posted a photo with the lunch menu and a thumbs up approving the dish.

The look of China Suárez the same night of Rusherking's birthday celebration
The look of China Suárez the same night of Rusherking’s birthday celebration

After a week where the rumor of an incipient romance resonated stronger and stronger, the journalist pampito published some images of them and clarified: “La China and Rusherking very cuddly… Super together at the MF after party”. The images spoke for themselves, despite the fact that whoever recorded them did not notice them: for example, they kiss in the background, while Jimena Barón, Lali Espósito and other celebrities danced to the rhythm of the music, as in any party. The next day, the young music star could not prevent the mobileros from following him throughout the day in search of confirmation of the affair. “I am a gentleman; but ‘I went global’”was the only thing he managed to say, with a big smile on his face.

After Wandagate, the actress decided not to talk about her private life. She recently returned from Madrid, where she traveled to attend the Platinum Awards ceremony and there she speculated about a possible crisis with the Spanish businessman Armando Mena Navareno, since it was not shown with him. But at that time she did not want to confirm the break either. The last time they saw each other was in March for her birthday, when he traveled to Buenos Aires and accompanied her on that special date. Before, she had been involved in the worldwide scandal when Wanda Nara discovered that she had met her husband in a Paris hotel, Mauro Icardi.

And in the case of rushingwas in a relationship with the pop singer for a long time Mary Becerrafrom whom he separated last year in the middle of a notorious separation that was full of conflict when it transpired that it would have been because he cheated on her with an influencer.


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Rusherking’s birthday celebration and China Suárez’s message: “Love”