Ryan Reynolds says he’s been mistaken for Ben Affleck and even has fun answering questions about Jennifer Lopez

Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds.

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In a pizzeria in the East Village of New York, to Ryan reynolds they often confuse it with Ben affleck. For years the actor has usually gone to that pizzeria and every so often the scene repeats itself. But what do you do when someone mistakes you for Affleck? The ‘Red Notice’ star told in an interview with the Dear Hank and John podcast what happens every time he visits the place. “They think I’m Ben Affleck and I never correct them”, He pointed out first.

When one of the show’s hosts suspected that this kind of confusion could become a problem if he doesn’t clear it up promptly, Reynolds agreed and joked that he’d be in a bind if he didn’t admit that he’s not actually the Affleck raised on. Boston.

However, the 35-year-old interpreter made it clear that, although he follows their game, he does not use the wrong identity to his advantage. “I do not accept anything, such as that they were giving me free pizza based on this factor,” he explained. He added: “I proceed normally, like all the other clients, it just happens that they think I’m Ben Affleck. And if they ask how you are Jennifer Lopez, I answer: ‘Cool, good‘I’ll pick up my pizza and go, ”he said humorously.

“What I think makes it believable is that I look a little upset every time it happens again,” Reynolds said of his situation at the pizzeria. He added: “When I leave, I think they are like saying, ‘I don’t think Ben Affleck is amused by our questions.’

The conductors ironized and commented that with this procedure Reynolds would be ruining the reputation of good Ben. It is not the first time that both actors have been confused by their physical appearance. In 2015, a fan asked on Twitter if anyone could tell them apart and Ryan himself joked in the comment, “Mom, please get off Twitter. Now”.

“Years ago I used to interact a little more on Twitter, but now I’m more reserved,” he said in response to a question from a follower.

The hosts of the show and the interviewee also spoke about another ‘mistaken identity problem’ regarding another Ryan, more frequent confusion between fans and people the actor comes across. “I’ve come to say, ‘Well, the difference is easy to spot. Ryan Gosling has blonde hair …”Shared Reynolds. And he joked again, noting that while he has fun playing along with people in cases where they confuse him, there are some things that should remain unique to Gosling, like his breakout role in ‘The Notebook.’

“The movie would have failed terribly,” Reynolds humorously opined about the possibility that he was the lead in the popular romance drama. “It would have been worse. I promise you. It would have been impossible to see ”.

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Ryan Reynolds says he’s been mistaken for Ben Affleck and even has fun answering questions about Jennifer Lopez