Salma Hayek and her secret diet to show off an enviable body

Recently the famous actress Salma Hayek has announced his secret diet to show off an enviable body at 55 years of age, because without a doubt she has one of the most incredible figures and without surgeries.

That’s right, it seems that Salma Hayek resorts to a secret when she has to prepare to look perfect in a Red carpet.

There is no doubt that Salma Hayek has a great presence before the public, her talent and her spectacular figure have catapulted her as one of the actresses of Hollywood attractive of this generation and is that at 55 years of age he continues to look radiant.

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In this way, to achieve that spectacular figure, Hayek follows a strict diet that, according to the actress herself, she follows to the letter when she is about to parade on a red carpet or has an important event.

In fact, the film actress does not usually follow a diet in everyday life, more than for those special days.

The also businesswoman has announced that she does not usually go on a diet, much less do rigorous exercises, however, she undergoes a special diet and a short and intense training routine that allows her to detoxify her body and look slimmer.

According to the magazine Vanitatis, Salma from time to time resorts to a juice diet, in which for a couple of days she only eats shakes that allow her to deflate and detoxify her body.

The purification of the organism through the consumption of juices is for me like meditation: it helps me to relax, to concentrate and to be aware of the positive reactions that my body experiences”, he confessed in an interview.

This is how this interest in juices led her to launch her own line of healthy smoothies, Cooler Cleanse, which is responsible for preparing and sending the necessary fruit and vegetable drinks to those who decide to follow in the footsteps of the actress.

In addition, Hayek has pointed out that she is a big fan of the famous green smoothie, which many other celebrities usually drink in the morning, but unfortunately she has not revealed its recipe.

It is worth mentioning that green juices are an option increasingly used by those who want to lose weight.

These natural smoothies made from vegetables with green leaves and fruits provide many vitamins to our body and few calories.

A juice that can come in handy to lower the bulging abdomen is the one made with cucumber, celery and pineapple.

Preparing it is extremely simple, since you only have to put half a cucumber cut into slices, a well-cleaned and cut celery stick and a slice of natural pineapple in the blender.

Then you must add a glass of water and beat until you get a completely homogeneous mixture.

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Salma Hayek and her secret diet to show off an enviable body