Salma Hayek confessed that she felt intimidated by Harvey Weinstein during the filming of “Frida”

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Salma Hayek recalled feeling intimidated when working with Harvey weinstein in the movie Frida. The actress explained that she became depressed by the crude comments that the former American producer made about her characterization as Frida Kahlo.

Around the launch of Eternals, the new film from the cinematic world of Marvel where the woman from Veracruz played “Ajak“, The actress gave an interview to The Guardian. In the middle of her statements, she revealed that she had a difficult experience when she starred in the biographical film of the Mexican painter, because she felt attacked by Weinstein.

Salma Hayek lashed out at dthe producer of Lord of the Rings because during filming that Frida There were occasions where he approached her with derogatory comments about her appearance, since apparently Weinstein did not understand that her look was part of the characterization to which she had to submit in order to give life to the creator of the work. The two Fridas.

Photo: Lionsgate Producer
Photo: Lionsgate Producer

“When he called me (on set) and He would yell at me, ‘Why do you have a single eyebrow and mustache? I didn’t hire you to look ugly! ‘ I was like, ‘but have you never seen a photo of Frida Kahlo?’ If a man were to play Cyrano de Bergerac they wouldn’t say to him, ‘What’s wrong with the nose?’

Salma Hayek explained that this was why she felt intimidated, even causing her to shake and become depressed. The situation ended up making the Veracruz actress normalize, to a certain extent, the harassment she suffered as a way in which she could face it and continue with her work.

“To a degree. I felt good (when he bullied me). Ok I was shaking and depressed but there was a cartoon aspect to the whole thing”, He added referring to his characterization.

Photo: Lionsgate Producer
Photo: Lionsgate Producer

Despite everything, Salma Hayek continued with her interpretation of the famous Mexican painter, with whom she achieved public recognition in 2002. The protagonist of From Dusk Till Dawn He pointed out that during the time of the recordings, he tried to show his integrity and did not let the situation overcome it.

“I was also very strong. I didn’t just say no. I am strong and I am recognized for that. He never saw me weak. It’s not that I’m not afraid, but you won’t see it. I can be almost intimidating with my quiet strength, you know, ”he said.

In the end, Salma Hayek hinted that not only Harvey Weinstein had those intentions with her, because possibly throughout her fruitful artistic career she has had to face similar situations: “He’s not the only man who feels good knowing that he can destroy women.”.

Salma Hayek brought the "Mother of the Eternals". Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. © Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.
Salma Hayek gave life to the “Mother of the Eternals”. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. © Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

It is worth mentioning that currently Weinstein is facing legal process in the United States after a numerous group of women denounced him for having carried out alleged sexual acts against his will. Almost 90 women, including well-known Hollywood actresses, have also accused him of sexual harassment or assault.

It was in 2002 when Frida hit theaters worldwide. Salma Hayek’s exceptional performance led to her being nominated for “Best Actress” at the awards. Oscar. The film is remembered in Mexican culture for telling the tragic story of Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican painter who stood out for her self-portraits.

Salma Hayek is currently promoting her new movie Eternals, A production of Marvel based on comics that tells the story of eternal beings. About, The Veracruz actress confessed that she felt enormous joy when playing a dark-skinned superhero.


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Salma Hayek confessed that she felt intimidated by Harvey Weinstein during the filming of “Frida”