Salma’s daughter does it again! Hand in hand with her mother, Valentina Paloma shines again on the red carpet

The film premiere Enternals It has not only caused a stir among fans of the story, the events related to its arrival at the cinema have caused great emotion in the fans of Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie, because both they have invited their children to accompany them at the launch of this important project in their careers. After shine on the red carpet of the emblematic Dolby Theater in Hollywood, in Los Angeles, Valentina palomaSalma’s daughter has once again captured all eyes, now in london, city in which he has resided for several years.

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During the premiere of this film in England, Salma again invited her daughter to walk together on the red carpet where, once again, gave style lessons. While the actress wore a elegant red design, her daughter, as she did in Hollywood, chose a new outfit very suitable for her age, a black dress with white polka dots that accompanied by black high heels, shoes with which she wore the same height as her mother. As happened in the other gala, this time, Salma was also very aware of her daughter who from her first appearance was very safe and confident before the media.

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Unlike the other red carpet, this time, Valentina wore a very discreet hairstyle as she held her hair in a half ponytail. Like any teenager his age, chose a very natural makeup trusting in her beauty. Seeing Salma’s daughter so big has caused a great impact among fans of the Mexican who fondly remember Valentina’s tender appearances at her mother’s events, when I was a kid. Although the Veracruz woman wanted her daughter to live away from the spotlight, she wanted to wink at her fans with this very familiar project where, in addition, a beautiful friendship with her co-star emerged. Angelina Jolie.

Your first meeting with the press

During the premiere in Los Angeles, for the first time, Valentina Paloma faced questioning from the press. Always very close to the press, Salma Hayek was in charge of setting the tone for the media to welcome her daughter who, with 14 years old, showed that he inherited the sympathy of his famous mother: “Look at my date tonight”Salma commented to the camera Access, medium that asked Valentina how she felt in this premiere: “It feels great. It has been great, like this whole process, as if they were filming a meeting, everyone likes the costumes and all that, it’s great “, said.

Salma Hayek and Valentina Paloma at the premiere of Eternals in Los AngelesVIEW GALLERY

The public appearances of Valentina Paloma have caused a stir because a long time ago Salma did not share images of her in networks. In fact, at the end of September, during her daughter’s 14th birthday celebration, the Mexican chose photos from the past to congratulate her on social media, where she dedicated an endearing message: “My precious girl, you are everything to me. Blessed is the day that you came into my life to illuminate it with your radiant light. Happy birthday Valentina! Thanks for being you “he wrote on Valentina’s birthday. Although the young woman is not clear about what she is going to do in the future, what is a fact is that, like her mother, she is already an expert in choosing the ideal clothes for her.

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Salma’s daughter does it again! Hand in hand with her mother, Valentina Paloma shines again on the red carpet