Sandra Bullock talks about the traumatic experience that changed her life forever

In 2014 the life of Sandra Bullock changed because of a traumatic experience that has marked her forever. During your visit to Red table talk, a program hosted by Willow Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, the Oscar and Golden Globe winner, has chronicled the moment in which a man snuck into his home in the upscale Bel-Air neighborhood (The Angels). The actress, who has just premiered in Netflix A movie called Unforgivable, He explained that the man was arrested while he was still inside his home, but that the nightmare did not end with the intervention of the security forces since the fear never left. “I was not the same after then. I was completely stunned!”, Has recognized.


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The protagonist of titles like Miss Special Agent, Gravity or Speed He has indicated that it all started when he returned home after enjoying dinner. At that moment a man named Joshua James Corbett was ringing the bell and, in the absence of answers, snuck into the mansion through the terrace. The reaction of the 57-year-old actress was to hide in the closet while calling the police for help and thinking to herself that “this will not end well”. Although she had bad feelings, she was reassured by the fact that her son Louis Bardo was not with her at that time.

Sandra herself has explained that since she adopted him in the summer of 2010, when the boy was about to turn one year old, it was the first time that the little one spent the night out: “She stayed to sleep at our babysitter’s house, she knew that I had an engagement and that I would be home late. I was glad he wasn’t there when it all happened because if Louis had been home, it would have changed our destiny forever. “

Although there was no personal injury, the aggressor did intend to sexually attack the actress as indicated by the notes that the investigators found and the firearms that he had at his home. The interpreter, who debuted on the big screen in 1987 with Hangmen And since then she has not stopped chaining successful projects that have made her one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, she explains that As a result of that episode, she cannot be alone at home and needed psychological help to assimilate it. Bullock, diagnosed with a severe post-traumatic stress disorder, was attending a specialized psychotherapy in this type of cases.


In addition, four years later he regretted that the system had failed when he learned that James Corbett had committed suicide entrenched in his home in the La Crescenda neighborhood after an altercation with the police. He had previously been sentenced to five years of probation, to receive treatment in a mental health center and had a restraining order against Sandra for ten years. “I got so bad that I thought I was going to die,” he acknowledged when talking about the feelings that invaded him when he learned the outcome of the assailant.

The family that he has formed, his great priority

Sandra Bullock, who in her new job takes on the shoes of a woman who wants to reintegrate after going through prison, is focused on motherhood, although she is committed to keeping her children out of the media spotlight. In 2010, she separated from Jesse James after starting the adoption proceedings, a process with which she continued alone and that culminated in the summer of that same year, when a judge at the Jefferson Juvenile Justice Center in New Orleans signed the papers. She was so happy with the experience of being a mother that she did it again in 2015, when she expanded the family with a girl named Laila who lived in a foster home and whom featured on the pages of HELLO!

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Sandra Bullock talks about the traumatic experience that changed her life forever