Sara Maldonado remembers the painful reason why she had to abort: “The baby has no heart”

Some days ago Sarah Maldonado revealed that is not closed to the possibility of becoming a mother through adoptionthis after having gone through painful moments at the end of 2020 when he faced the loss of a baby and shortly after discovered his partner’s infidelity.

Although the actress had kept this painful episode of her life under absolute discretion, recently she opened her heart to share how it was the day she had to make the decision to abort.

It was during an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda, where the protagonist of the telenovela ‘The game of life’ shared that she had never thought about the possibility of being a mother, but at 39 years old she became pregnantnews that took her by surprise with her boyfriend Juan Sebastian Avila.

However, the moments of happiness that they were beginning to experience ended abruptly when a doctor informed them that the baby they were expecting had been formed without a heart.

“A couple of weeks after I went to a doctor in Playa del Carmen (and he said) that I had no heart and I obviously said: ‘I’m in Playa del Carmen, that is, I want my doctor.’ I didn’t believe him and he told me: ‘No, yes, he doesn’t have a heart’“, he recalled.

And although she refused to accept what they told her, she traveled to Mexico City so that her family doctor could review her and confirm the cruel diagnosis.

“I practically didn’t believe it. After a few minutes, well, I had to believe it. I was very sad, I cried. I spoke to my doctor in Mexico (who) told me: ‘Come here, I’m going to check you’. I almost, I almost didn’t believe him, I mean, I was like negaditaas a little denied to the situation, “he added.

He finally found out that the information was correct, so he had to undergo a curettage.

“And yes, I arrived in Mexico and he told me yes, the baby does not have a heart and I am going to have to do a curettage.”

Sarah Maldonado

The actress confesses that after going through this process she began to question whether she had done something wrong during her pregnancy, which was denied by her doctors who confirmed that these are cases that occur and are unpredictable, that’s when she understood it as a sign that it was not the time to become a mother.

But this would not be the only abortion that she would suffer, because months later, when she decided with her partner that they wanted to stay together and have a family, the actress decided to accept a project for which she traveled again to Mexico City

And it was shortly before starting work that she discovered that she was pregnant again.

I come to Mexico to work and find out I’m pregnant. I feel a lot of emotion, a lot of happiness and a lot of responsibility with the project, ”she revealed.

Unfortunately, Sara Maldonado and her partner were informed that the baby had no pulse again, so she had to undergo emergency surgery, which triggered a stage of depression.

“We arrived with the doctor and exactly the same thing happens, the baby has no pulse and there yes the truth I got super bad. That day was very strong for me.”

Days after the loss, the actress was diagnosed with COVID-19, which made her situation even worse, since she had to remain isolated and away from her boyfriend, who a couple of days later confessed to her that he had been unfaithful. Situation that was exposed through their social networks with heartbreaking messages.

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Sara Maldonado remembers the painful reason why she had to abort: “The baby has no heart”