Sara Uribe’s family made her an ‘old year’ doll with silicone included

Photo taken from Instagram @Sara_Uribe
Photo taken from Instagram @Sara_Uribe

As has become customary on these dates, Colombian celebrities shared with their social media followers some samples of how they celebrated the end of the year. But nevertheless, Sara Uribe It surprised many because, unlike other models and presenters who chose to leave the country, she decided to receive 2022 in a farm surrounded by her family, away from luxuries, technology and more connected with his inner being.

This is how he showed it through a series of stories that he posted on his Instagram account, in which he also revealed a detail that caught the attention of those who follow him and that is that, neither short nor lazy, his relatives carried out the tradition of the ‘old year’ doll, but for this occasion they decided to do it in his honor and that is why they named him Sara.

“My family made a doll that they called Sara, so they made Valentino’s nails, they got the braid, they put thongs and even silicone (…) In it they wanted to burn the bad and leave behind the negative things for which I have passed, and then also to laugh for a while ”, he commented during his video.

As Sara Uribe explained later, his uncle Sergio would have been the person in charge of carrying out this ‘old year’It seems that he is quite naughty and tends to play tricks on all the members of his family. He even recorded the moment when he took out a toy rat that he has to scare other people who came to this farm, located in the town of Tapartó, Andes municipality, Antioquia.

Finally, although they set the doll on a candle and although it had even straw and gunpowder inside, only its head and some other parts were burned, but in general it remained ‘alive’.

“Nothing and no one could with Sara, not the gunpowder or anything,” he added with a laugh.


Another detail that did not go unnoticed by the followers of the paisa, was when he showed the pig alive that, hours later, they killed for the New Year’s dinner. However, she anticipated criticism and asserted that it is a tradition of Antioquia families.

“For many this is not so cool but aha, it is the reality of many families. Here you eat pigs at night and during the day and then aha. My aunts think they are butchers, they organize everything and make blood sausage, barbecue and pork rinds “, he asserted, while showing the parts of the animal.

Finally, Sara Uribe said that she started 2022 on the right foot and that is why she announced that she is going to launch a hair perfume on the market, for whose advertising campaign they made a series of photographs in which she posed naked and with a body paint of ‘liquid gold’.

The images left more than one follower with their mouths open, as there were thousands of comments he received full of praise, not only for the slender figure he looks, but for his desire to continue undertaking.

It is worth mentioning that the former ‘Protagonistas de Nuestro TV’ has a nail spa chain called ‘Valentino by Sara U’, as well as a line of beauty products that it distributes with the same name. In fact, a few months ago she opened a new headquarters in New York and employed some Latin women nail experts who live in ‘The Big Apple’.


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Sara Uribe’s family made her an ‘old year’ doll with silicone included