Sarah Jessica Parker and the most successful zasca to hatred for age in women

Sarah Jessica Parker stars on the cover of the issue Vogue December and in one of the questions he has taken the opportunity to respond in a forceful way to those who say that he looks older in the reboot from Sex in New York, And Just Like That, whose premiere is scheduled for next December in HBO Max. The actress played for the first time Carrie Bradshaw He was 33 years old when the legendary series landed on the HBO catalog in 1998. Now, more than two decades later, both the protagonist and her iconic fictional character have aged, and the American star, who has not been able to avoid the comments, has wanted to claim the gray hair.

Actresses Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon filming scenes on the And Just Like That set in New York © Gtres (author José Pérez)

December is just around the corner and with it the arrival of reboot from Sex in New York, And Just Like That. The truth is that since this project was announced one of the focuses has been on Sarah Jessica Parker since the person in charge of embodying Carrie Bradshaw has generated all kinds of comments in relation to her physique. And it is that when the first images of the shoot were made public, viewers showed their surprise to see how the protagonists, especially the creator of iconic looks, they had aged.

That is why Sarah Jessica Parker has taken the opportunity to launch a resounding bang at the haters who question the age in women, underlining the idea that time passes for everyone and ensuring that these criticisms would never happen if it were a man. In other words, the actress has questioned the misogynistic talk that has been created around the premiere of the reboot with some forceful words that should make your critics pause.

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And it is that the interpreter, who is now 56 years old, has not wanted to remain silent in the face of the multiple criticisms she has received for her age and, for this, has claimed gray hair in some of the chapters of the new series and, ultimately, She has reacted strongly to those who say they see her older when she has decided to show her natural aging, showing off her gray locks, typical of the passage of years in the industry.

“There is so much misogyny around us that, with a man, it would never happen. Grey hair: I’m sitting with Andy Cohen, his head is full of gray hair and he’s amazing. Why is it okay with him? I do not know what to say! Especially on social media, where everyone has something to comment: You have too many wrinkles, you don’t have enough wrinkles. It seems that people don’t want us to be perfectly fine where we are, as if they enjoy being hurt by who we are today, whether it’s aging naturally without being perfect or doing something to feel better. I know how I am, I have no choice. What I am going to do? Stop getting older? Vanish?”, has pointed out the interpreter in Vogue about the aged appearance.

With these statements, the actress behind the role of Carrie Bradshaw Evidence that in the age of Instagram and TikTok, scrutiny on celebrity appearances has intensified, spontaneously striking the existing misogyny after seeing how they made fun, simply because they aged, of the return of the iconic group friends to the small screen.

In this context It should be noted that it is not the first time that the actress talks about aging in Hollywood since she revealed some time ago in an interview with the magazine Elle who had no interest in going under the knife to stop wrinkles: “I don’t know what I can do about aging. Yes, I’m getting older. My God, I’m getting older all the time. It’s like those flowers that wither in front of you in a movie time lapse. But what can I do? a lunatic? “.

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Sarah Jessica Parker and the most successful zasca to hatred for age in women