Sasha Sokol breaks the silence and accuses producer Luis de Llano of abuse

Sasha Sokol at the National Auditorium of México in 2017. (Photo by Victor Chavez/WireImage)

Sasha Sokol at the National Auditorium of Mexico in 2017. (Photo by Victor Chavez/WireImage)

The networks were convulsed during the night of 8M, International Women’s Day, when Sasha Sökol Cuillery, the actress, model and singer, went to Twitter to clarify and forcefully settle an issue that had been playing for days after the producer of television Luis de Llano Macedo, son of the legendary actress Rita Macedo and brother of Julissa, the famous actress and theater woman, will speak openly and romanticizing about the relationship he had with her when she was still a minor.

De Llano – famous as the producer of ‘Cachún Cachún Ra Rá’, ‘Alcanzar una Estrella’ and ‘Atrévete a soñar’, as well as the creator of musical concepts such as Timbiriche and Garibaldi, in which he was always close to very young women – spoke flippantly with Yordi Rosado in an extensive interview on his YouTube channel, in which he said “I fell in love” but downplayed the implications of his relationship with Sökol, without specifying its duration or its consequences: at the beginning of the relationship, in 1984, she was 14 and he was 39.

The indignation with which Sökol writes set the network on fire just during one of the most critical dates in Mexico: 10 women are murdered every day in this country and crimes of gender violence are disproportionate before authorities exceeded.

She immediately began to receive messages of support from other women who denounced DeLlano with the hashtags #YoSiTeCreo, #LuisDeLlanoViolador and #LuisDeLlanoPedofilo.

Although it was always known that this relationship took place and that it was ostensibly consensual – at the time it was reported by the press, although it had already ended – and that DeLlano had a taste for young women, Sökol clearly describes it: she had a relationship with him when he was a minor , and she met him secretly from her parents, Magdalena Cuillery and her ex-husband, Fernando Diez Barroso, who adopted her when she was very young, and who would end up breaking up with her (“he disadopted me,” writes Sasha, which It was also a reprehensible attitude on the part of Diez Barroso, top executive of Televisa in that decade).

Sökol indicated that he will not speak of the subject again, settling any possible harassment. However, there is one point that I want to point out: in 2004, Sasha had already talked about this relationship in an interview she gave me to talk about her album ‘Por un amor’, when I was a journalist contributing to the Sunday supplement of the newspaper Milenio. She broached the subject without my asking her about it, to take advantage of and bury once and for all the hateful rumor that at 18 she had had a child with DeLlano out of wedlock.

At that time, Sökol denied that hoax, pointing out that she had never been pregnant and told me verbatim that the relationship was part of her past, and that this particular rumor had hurt her a lot in public and private. The interview was printed and published to put an end to that slander, but we never talk about her age or the circumstances of that relationship, clearly emotionally disadvantaged.

When I read Sasha say that she writes with shame on the subject, I feel empathy and also a lot of anger. Because it is unacceptable that DeLlano not only spoke with dissipation, as if it were a grace of something that constitutes a crime. Nor should she feel ashamed about anything or apologize to anyone. She was a girl. No one has the right to judge her, and although rape (which is prosecuted ex officio when the victim is a minor, whether “consensual” or forced) has already prescribed, DeLlano will be judged by public opinion, which can be more implacable than any justice system.


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Sasha Sokol breaks the silence and accuses producer Luis de Llano of abuse