Sayaka Kanda, the Fifth Victim of Asian Pop, Dies at 35: What’s Happening?

He was 35 years old and had a successful career as singer and actress in Japan. According to the police report, Sayaka kanda He fell into the void from a fourteenth floor of the twenty-two that the hotel where he was staying has has.

Very famous in Japan, This young woman born in Tokyo was the daughter of an actor and a singer who were very established in the country.

After making several forays into the cinema, her moment of greatest success came when she was chosen to voice the princess of Disney, Anna in the film Frozen.

Photo: Brazilian singer Roberto Carlos, during a performance at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles. (EFE)

She was also an actress in television series and a vocalist in various music groups. At the time of her death she was going to participate in the musical My fair lady at the Sapporo Cultural Arts theater.

At the moment no further details of the circumstances surrounding this death have been offered but the investigations already point, without ruling out the possibility of murder, to a possible suicide, Since hours before the event, Sayaka Kanda canceled a rehearsal that she had to attend, claiming that she was not well.

If it was a suicide, the world of Asian pop would once again be singled out by the death of a promising young woman under these circumstances, since Sayaka Kanda is the fifth deceased in five years. There are many who wonder what happens within the Japanese and Korean music industry for these artists who are enormously successful and all their lives ahead of them end up losing their lives in such tragic ways.

In November 2019, Goo Hara, a 28-year-old K-Pop star, a musical style that triumphs in South Korea and that has spread throughout the world, achieving legions of fans among young people, also lost his life.

Goo Hara thus joined a sad list of stars that South Korea should start to worry about. The young woman was the fourth star of the song to die in this country in just three years.

Goo Hara’s body was found at 18:00 (local time) at her home on Sunday, November 24. South Korean media targeted a possible suicide.

After belonging to the group Kara, the precursor of K-pop that emerged in 2007, Goo Hara had started a solo career and had become the most successful singer in her country.

In 2017, the K-pop world cried the death, at age 27, of South Korean singer Kim Jong-hyun. The young man committed suicide after leaving a note that made clear the depression that he suffered and in which you could read: “I’m broken inside. The sadness that has been slowly devouring me has finally swallowed me whole. I couldn’t get over it ”.

Two years after this tragedy, another singer, Sulli, friend of the late Goo Hara and successful K-Pop singer, was found dead at age 25. In 2014 she claimed to be “physically and mentally exhausted by negative comments and false rumors.” Sulli suffered cyberbullying during her most successful years as a music and television star.

In 2018, Seo Min-woo, leader of South Korean band 100%, lost his life with 33 years. The official cause of his death was a heart attack, although rumors of suicide spread like wildfire.

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Sayaka Kanda, the Fifth Victim of Asian Pop, Dies at 35: What’s Happening?