Sean Wittstock, Charlène’s brother, one more Grimaldi on a very Spanish night

In the absence of Charlène, good are her brothers. The Monaco National Day celebrations They have ended the traditional show that is held every year at the Grimaldi Forum and which has been recovered this year, after dispensing with it last year due to the health situation. And if during the morning festivities we had seen how the princess brothers They had shared the limelight with Alberto de Monaco’s family, the date night was no different. Because we have seen Sean Wittstock, Charlène’s brother, like one more Grimaldi in a night that has also turned out to be very Spanish.

The show that the Grimaldi enjoyed was precisely ‘Spanish Night’ and featured the voice of Placido Domingo as main artist and the dancers of the Antonio Gades company. An appointment different from the usual one, since it is usually the soprano Ceciclia Bartoli who delights Alberto de Mónaco and his family with her voice. On this occasion, it was the Spanish tenor who has returned to the Principality, where he has already acted on numerous occasions, to be in charge of putting the finishing touch to the National Day celebrations.

Carolina and Carlota, at the National Day gala. (David Niviere-Pool / Getty)

Gala dresses for them and a morning suit with a white bow tie for them is the label established for this gala date with the traditional concert. Although it is true that each one adapts this rule to their own style. For example, in its latest edition, Charlène herself wore a men’s tuxedo. And this Friday it was his sister-in-law Carolina who did not strictly follow the gala discharge, wearing a black skirt design and blue body in midi length. Her daughter Carlote has worn a long dress and has confirmed his love affair with el dorado that was already sensed in the morning, with a look in black and gold from Chanel, signature of which it is image.

And if there has been a guest who has taken all the looks, it has been Tatiana Santo Domingo, Andrea Casiraghi’s wife. It is not usually on the list of the best dressed in social dates, but this time it has been without a doubt the most elegant and also being absolutely faithful to the label. Your choice has been a black dress with straps, with straps, sweetheart neckline and the waist marked by a border of rhinestones. To avoid the cold, Carolina de Monaco’s daughter-in-law has put on a shawl in the same color and fabric as the dress.

Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo, at the National Day gala. (David Niviere-Pool / Getty)

The Venezuelan had to share the limelight with the guest who was the great surprise of the night, Sean Wittstock, Charlène’s brother. It is common for us to see the other brother, Gareth, at the different events that take place throughout the year in the Principality, even the most institutional ones –something that has earned him some other criticism-. But Sean lives in South Africa, so few expected to see him. with his wife, Chantell, in the religious ceremony that begins the celebrations of the National Day.

We had the explanation for this presence shortly afterwards, when some Prince Albert’s statements granted to the American ‘People’, confirming that Charlène is not in the Principality, that she is undergoing treatment and that her problem it has nothing to do with cancer or cosmetic surgery, as had been speculated. In addition, it stated that the decision of get into a specialized center to try to recover had been agreed in a meeting they had with the Princess’s brothers.

Sean Wittstock, at the National Day gala, along with Andrea and Tatiana. (David Niviere-Pool / Getty)

Thus, two things are clear. On the one hand, that Sean and Chantell Wittstock They have not hesitated to travel to the Principality to support Charlène in whatever it takes. They were already his two main pillars during his long convalescence in South Africa and they will also be in this new stage in Monaco, after their return and the latest news about your health, which have worried even more than those we have had in this time from Africa.

On the other, that Alberto de Monaco and the Wittstocks are showing that, at least as far as Charlène is concerned, They are united. We already saw in recent appointments how the Grimaldi family gave their place to Gareth and his wife, Roisin, asking them to pose with them in the Gala for the Health of the Planet last September, for instance. We do not know if that union between the Wittstocks and the Grimaldi has been caused by the Charlène situation or simply, it has been reinforced. But of course this Friday we have seen numerous examples that they at least have a common front. The last of them, seeing Sean at the National Day gala, enjoying the evening and as one more Grimaldi.

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Sean Wittstock, Charlène’s brother, one more Grimaldi on a very Spanish night