Sebastián Yatra and Kunno unleash dating rumors; networks react

After the commotion caused in social networks by the breakup of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello after two years of relationship, a new piece of news that involves Sebastián Yatra and Kunno is generating a stir among Internet users, because a series of videos went viral of a famous meeting, where the Colombian singer confesses to the tiktoker that he is “her ideal boy”, which unleashed the euphoria – and in some cases the bewilderment – of the fans.

It all started a few days ago when several videos on TikTok in which he appears went viral Kunno in company of Sebastián Yatra. In the clips both celebrities demonstrate the excellent relationship they have, in addition to referring to each other as “their ideal boy”, this unleashed the rumors of their courtship.

The supposed romance between Sebastián Yatra and El Rey de TikTok became a trend since Wednesday night, giving way to endless memes and reactions from Internet users, who wondered: Are Yatra and Kunno dating? Here we tell you what is behind of the rumor.

Are Sebastián Yatra and Kunno dating?

In one of the videos that circulate on TikTok, Sebastián Yatra is seen hugging Kunno, who, given the singer’s show of affection, mentions: “My ideal boy has arrived.”

Immediately the Colombian begins to sing the song “El amor” by Tito El Bambino. “Love is a magic, a simple fantasy”Yatra is heard singing.

In another clip, Sebastián Yatra confesses to Kunno that he is his ideal boy, a clear reference to his musical collaboration with Guaynaa that he launched in October 2020.

“My ideal boy, Kunno I think about you every night”, says the singer to the tiktoker who was nervous at his words and replied: “Yatra, you come back from saying that and I’m moving to Miami … I’m shaking, I got nervous.” However, the Colombian clarified that he does not live in that city.

The rumors took hold when some Internet users began to revive a tweet from months ago that Kunno published and in which he wrote: “Yatra told me that he thinks of me every night, so now I understand why I don’t sleep so much and now I know that less “.

Subsequently, a user on Twitter shared a short interview with Yatra at the airport last Sunday. There a journalist asks him if he is in love, to which he responds with a forceful message: “Which one in love? I’m single”, thus denying the rumors.

What is certain is that Kunno and Sebastián Yatra have an incredible friendship, the influencer even shared yesterday a video of the party he attended with the singer in a nightclub.

Networks react with memes to the rumor of Yatra and Kunno

As with every viral news, netizens reacted to the alleged romance with memes, at the same time that they regretted the statements of Shawn Mendes, who confirmed his separation from Camila Cabello. Some even recalled Yatra’s courtship with Tini Stoessel.


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Sebastián Yatra and Kunno unleash dating rumors; networks react