Selena Gómez and Univision partner to produce content in Spanish

Selena Gómez and Univision partner to produce content in Spanish


Selena Gómez in partnership with Univision will produce her first series in Spanish based on a real life story.

Univision, the leading Spanish-language media and content company in the United States, announced today an agreement with the influential actress, singer-songwriter and executive producer Selena Gomezz, to produce its first series in Spanish “My Neighbor, the Cartel”, with his company July Moon Productions, and in alliance with Blackfin.

The series covers a real crime, and tells the complex and surprising story of the murder that shocked a quiet town in Texas and launched an international investigation that lasted several years.

The documentary of Gomez and Univision It will be available exclusively on the new global streaming platform of the television network, scheduled to be launched in 2022.



Following the recent announcement of the first look deal with international superstar Eugenio Derbez, Univision continues to redouble its commitment to offering audiences the best original content in Spanish, from creators with strong backgrounds and new talents as well.

“As we build the largest Spanish-language streaming platform in the world, an indispensable service for this audience, one of our top priorities is to offer diverse voices and stories, and invest in story-creating Latinas,” she said. Rodrigo Mazon, Executive Vice President, General Manager SVOD at Univision. “We are proud to welcome Selena Gomez to our portfolio of internationally renowned creators who will contribute to the creation of culturally relevant and best-in-class content.”

Selena Gomez has used her influence and reach to inform on issues of interest to Latinos in the United States, and as the show’s executive producer, she helps forge this unique story by highlighting its moral complexity and the importance of culture and family on both sides of border.

“I am a fan of series about real crimes, and the case of the murder of Juan Guerrero Chapa interested me immediately. Not only did it take place near where I grew up in Texas, it is a story like no other, ”he said. Selena Gomez. “I’m very excited to partner with Univision and really uncover all the hidden aspects of her double life.”

Learn about the plot of the new Univision production in partnership with Selena Gómez

“My Neighbor, the Cartel” tells the story of the cold-blooded murder of Juan Guerrero Chapa, a former attorney for the cartel who was assisting at a high level with the United States government, the subsequent investigation, and the trial.

The three-part documentary series explores how the murder revealed the tentacles of the Mexican cartels in the United States, as well as the clash between the sumptuous life of Southlake, Texas, and the dark world of the drug cartels, which shocked the the city.

Thanks to unprecedented access to the prosecutor in charge, extensive case files and interviews, the series reveals a family drama involving parents, family squabbles and a thirst for revenge, in addition to details that continue to emerge to this day as the search for justice continues.

“My Neighbor, the Cartel” is a Blackfin production, an eOne company, with Geno McDermott and Jordan Rosenblum serving as executive producers. Selena Gomez and July Moon are represented by Lighthouse Management + Media and WME.

Where will the series air?

In 2022, Univision will launch a unified global streaming service that will include a new premium tier with subscription (SVOD) and a more extensive free tier with advertising (AVOD). Both will become the world’s largest source of original content produced in Spanish.

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Selena Gómez and Univision partner to produce content in Spanish