Shakira revealed to have been a victim of prejudice for being Colombian

Singer Shakira It was the cover of the fashion and beauty magazine ‘Glamor’, the first issue with an environmental theme that the portal has. In the publication he spoke about his concerns about the care and preservation of the planet, but he also surprised by confessing some prejudices of which he was a victim when starting his musical career internationally.

In the interview that said medium did, he was asked about the misogyny and the prejudices that are experienced in the industry and how she has lived it being a Latin woman.

Shakira said that she may have been a victim of sexism, but that she doesn’t focus much on it. In fact, he has been much more prejudiced about the Colombians, which suffered, especially, when internationalizing his musical career.

I think I suffered more from other types of prejudices, such as being Colombian. I remember when I had my first big leap in music outside of Colombia, there were a lot of double-talk about what it meant to be Colombian, and generally associated with drug trafficking, all of that. It’s like, we’re always the joke, it was awkward “he told the aforementioned media.

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The Barranquilla pointed out that it was important for her to show everyone that they were wrong about Colombia and that he wanted to share with the rest of the world what it really means to be Latino through his music, to change the perception of his native country.

He knew he had to prove a lot of people wrong. I knew that I had to show the world a truer side of my country. I really needed to share with the rest of the world what Latinos and Colombians were all about. And I’ve always had some kind of social weight on me. I represent so many minorities. I am half Lebanese. I am also Colombian “explained in the same magazine.

In turn, she commented that one of the most important moments of her career and in which she was able to show her talent as a Latina was in the Super bowl, in which he also appeared with Jennifer Lopez. Both represented “a minority and a demographic that is much more than clichés”, According to Shakira.

Currently, the artist is perhaps one of the most influential Latinas, because in 2018 ‘Forbes’ magazine reported that she was the most successful South American singer of all time, with 80 million records sold around the world.

In addition, his life has not only been limited to the musical field, as he has shown interest in social and environmental causes for a few years, now joining in activist with the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, in the Earthshot Prize initiative.

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The son of Diana of Wales created the Earthshot Prize, as an initiative with which he seeks to support ideas that have solutions to some environmental conservation challenges facing the entire world today. They choose an annual winner who they financially finance to consolidate their idea.

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Shakira revealed to have been a victim of prejudice for being Colombian