Shakira revolutionized the networks with the hidden talent of her son Milan, who turned 9 years old

Milan, Shakira’s eldest son, showed that he is a drummer genius (Video: Instagram @shakira)

Like every mom Shakira She is very proud of her children’s growth. In this sense, on the occasion of the birthday of Milan, the oldest he had together with the Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué, the singer decided to leave a moving message in Instagram, along with a video in which he is seen playing the drums with great talent.

On your day I look back and see how much you have grown and how you begin to flourish. You never cease to amaze me. How loving and generous you are to your family and friends. The values ​​that you already defend at such a young age and the colossal effort that you invest in everything you do add to your talent and make you shine with your own light, ”he began by expressing to the boy, who turned 9 this Saturday. And closed: “I am proud of who you are and I love you with all my being, in an impossible way that only a mother can understand and that I still don’t know how to describe”.

In the video, which has already had more than two million views, you can see the inclination that the little boy has with music, something that he surely inherited from his famous mother. In fact, in mid-December, The singer had also shared another recording of her eldest son, although on that occasion playing the piano while a violinist accompanied him. “This virtual concert is a small tribute from Milan to our unforgettable Bela, who left us the best gift: respect and devotion to her own work. Teaching us how to make our children feel that what they do should be the most important thing for us!” Shakira wrote on her networks on that occasion. In the musical tribute, the boy performed pieces such as Night of the Tarantella, The can can and Spanish Caballero.

Shakira showed her eldest son’s talent playing the piano (Video: Instagram @shakira)

Now if you talk about Sasha, his youngest son, could have a greater focus on sports. For example, last September the Colombian artist published a photograph with which she showed that the boy takes martial arts classes.

Sasha, the other son of Shakira and Piqué, prefers martial arts (Photo: Instagram @shakira)
Sasha, the other son of Shakira and Piqué, prefers martial arts (Photo: Instagram @shakira)

In November, the interpreter of waka waka, had also been in the news after publishing a surprising tweet in which he made reference to his ex, Antonio de la Rua. On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of his album Laundry service (Laundry Service), the Colombian began to review each of the themes that composed it, among them, I warn you, I warn you, one of the most iconic. “I wanted to do a tango because at that time I was dating an Argentine, I was learning the dance and I was immersed in the Argentine culture”, he explained in a message that he originally published in English.

Immediately afterwards, he began to receive a cataract of reactions from his followers, some of whom were angry because they took him as a “no one” to his ex-partner. “Dating”? Sister, you wrote to him on JANUARY DAY”, “But “dating”… he even sued you for the assets. CONCUBINE… partner, etc. But dating….hahaha”, “Hahahahaha ‘Dating’? Really? Do not play the ball… skinny, you were with Antonito for 14 years, and you wrote him DAYS OF JANUARY, that you would not even remotely write a song like that to Piqué “, “Don’t suck, Shaks! ´Dating´ my leggings. That man changed your life and gave us January Day”were some of the responses he received.

It is that many of the Internet users made reference to the number of years that their courtship lasted with the son of Fernando de la Rua, to whom he even dedicated some of his most famous songs such as Underneath your clothes or January day. For this reason, the word “going out” (dating, in English) seemed very little for that caliber of relationship. The truth is that Piqué’s current partner was not alluded to by these comments, most of them written by Argentines, and preferred to continue referring to other songs on that album.


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Shakira revolutionized the networks with the hidden talent of her son Milan, who turned 9 years old