Shakira: what about the singer’s brothers?

The journey that the Barranquilla singer has had is well known Shakira in international music. Since the late 90s, she has been a national icon for her constant representation of the country abroad, positioning herself as one of the best interpreters in the recent history of Colombia.

According to specialized media, she is considered the ‘queen of Latin Pop’, becoming the recipient of more than 40 national and international awards, among which three Grammy Awards and 12 Latin Grammy awards stand out.

For this reason, the composer of ‘Pies descalzos’ has become one of the celebrities who is under the retina of millions of fans around the world, who know even the smallest detail of her life.

His popularity increased after meeting his love affair with the Spanish Gerad Pique, FC Barcelona footballer, world champion with Spain and father of his two children: Sasha and Milan.

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Much is known about his musical glories and some of the intimacies he has with the athlete, but there is one aspect of his life that is not well known to his fans: his step Brothers.

Shakira is one of the artists with the most Latin Grammy awards.

Shakira’s Unknown Siblings

Shakira she is the only daughter among the businessman William Mebarak and Nidia ripoli, but his father had more children before conceiving the interpreter, as a result of the marriage with Nidia Lucia Otero, his ex-partner.

Of all his relatives, the one that stands out the most is Tony Mebarak, Well, he has been seen with the singer repeatedly due to his employment relationship. According to specialized media, Tony is the right hand of the artist and who is in charge of organizing concerts and tours as a ‘road manager’.

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Meanwhile, what little is known of his brothers Alberto and José Antonio Mebarack is that the first is a lawyer and resides in Barranquilla, while the other is a successful businessman in the United States.

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From Robin mebarack you only have the musical reference of your child Shafik, who recently signed a contract with Sony to start his career as a reggaeton singer. The young man, 22, has already released his new single ‘Te fuiste’ from the label.

For their part, Ana, Edward and Moses Mebarack They have been totally removed from the world of entertainment or social networks, so the information about them is null.

Sisters of Shakira

Lucila Mebarak is Shakira's sister

Lucila Mebarak is Shakira’s sister.


screenshot – Facebook: Lucila Mebarak Otero

Within that group of nine sisters is Lucy Mebarak, who is a neurosurgeon and has been living in Spain for several years. The woman returned to Colombia after being involved in a scandal, because he allegedly made some unsuccessful investments that left her ex-husband, the builder Roberto García, bankrupt, according to the newspaper ‘El Mundo’.

Mebarak is currently based in Barranquilla, where she is exercising a new stage in her profession of doctor expert in bone marrow tumors.

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On the other hand, according to ‘El Mundo’, Patricia mebarak She is a teacher at a school in Spain, she is tired and has a son. Apparently, the couple has a quiet life, away from the media frenzy that Shakira generates.

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