Shakira’s affectionate message to Princess Charlotte after learning that she is a fan of ‘Waka Waka’

Close, fun and also very committed. These are the facets of himself that Prince William has reflected in his last interview in the podcast Time to walk Apple, a space in which He has spoken of mental health, but also of the anecdotes of his life and his family. Recalling his childhood, he explained that both he and his brother Harry they listened to Tina Turner’s songs with her mother, Princess Diana of Wales. Thus, speaking of music, he has said that his children George and Charlotte fight every morning to choose a song. “I have to prioritize that one day I do it one day and another day the other’s turn,” he said. “One of the songs they like the most right now is Waka Waka, of Shakira ”, added the Prince.

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A comment that did not go unnoticed by the Colombian who responded in their profiles social. “I’m so glad to know that you like my music, Princess Charlotte!” the artist wrote next to an emoticon of a heart. The Dukes of Cambridge They responded to this affectionate gesture from the one from Barranquilla with the emoticons of a ballerina and another heart. The paths of the grandson of Elizabeth II and the interpreter of I leave you Madrid They met last year, in autumn, specifically on the occasion of the The Earthshot awards ceremony, where solutions that can end the problems facing the Earth are awarded.


The Colombian was chosen to be part of a council that assisted in the selection of the winners along with Cate Blanchett, Queen Rania of Jordan, soccer player Dani Alves and basketball player Yao Ming, among other activists and philanthropists. On a virtual meeting with the Duke of Cambridge, the artist discussed the objectives and interests of the initiative and expressed gratitude for being part of the project. He also invited the son of Prince Charles to visit Colombia and promised that she would show him the area herself. “It is a beautiful country, there is a lot of diversity, although we also face many challenges … But its people are incredible,” he said.

Your past traumas

In the 38-minute space of Apple in which the Duke of Cambridge participated, mental health was also discussed, one of the issues to which the Prince (like his brother Harry) pays special attention. Prince Guillemo spoke openly about the trauma you have had to deal with throughout your life, beyond the tragic death of his mother when he was only fifteen years old. In this context, he has recounted what happened in 2017, when he witnessed the accident of a child that caused him deep anguish while he was a pilot of an emergency helicopter (he played the role for 18 months).

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He remembered being aware that something had changed inside him forever. “You just feel everyone’s pain, everyone’s suffering. And that’s not me. I had never felt that before. “To recover from those mental health crises, Prince Charles’ firstborn believes that it was helpful to share his feelings with the rest of his companions and talk with the boy’s family.

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Shakira’s affectionate message to Princess Charlotte after learning that she is a fan of ‘Waka Waka’