Shaquille O’Neal removes a food from his diet ‘thanks’ to Instagram and loses 13 kilos

Doctors and nutrition experts advise patients who want to lose those extra pounds to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. To know what foods to eat daily and what movements to include in the routine, the most advisable thing is to go to a professional. The former NBA pivot, Shaquille O’Neal, has confessed that an Instagram post has made him realize that he did not have the best habits and that he had to lose weight and lose weight.

The four-time champion, who is currently 49 years old, has counted in an interview with Men’s Journal that I used to have sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, a social media post has prompted her to take a look at her diet. This reflection has allowed him to recognize that his diet was “out of date.”

Before including lifestyle changes, Shaquille found a photo of an elderly man on Instagram. “I saw a 70 year old guy who had muscles everywhere”, has pointed out. “So I decided to change of scene.” As a result of this image, the former basketball player has stopped eating bread, the ‘lemon oreos’ that he savored after hours and his favorite cake.

Get your abs back

For the past six months, O’Neal has been eating “fruit, protein shakes, salads, fish, chicken, and asparagus or other vegetables” in “small amounts.” Following good habits has not only allowed him to shed thirteen kilos. The American assures have strong abs, something he hadn’t “seen in 20 or 30 years”.

Photo: Shaquille O'Neal could not contain the tears in front of the cameras (Photo: Twitter)

“I haven’t had them like that since I was on the Miami Heat in 2006.”, he joked. Shaquille has confessed that he lost the desire to take care of himself after the death of two very important people in his life. In October 2019, his sister, Ayesha Harrison-Jex, barely 40 years old, passed away and, just 3 months later, in January 2020, his friend and former teammate in the Lakers did. Kobe bryant.

“My sister died before Kobe. [2020] it was a really bad year and I had no motivation whatsoever. When you do not want to do anything, but you need to stay away from problems, there are two things to ‘entertain’: eat and watch Netflix, “he pointed out. The American would have tried to compensate for the pain he felt with unhealthy food and wearing a style sedentary life.

“I work the strength of the chest, triceps, biceps, abs and back”

However, that photograph he saw on Instagram of the ‘strong septuagenarian’ would have encouraged him to get up from the sofa and start providing your body with nutritious products instead of calories. Remember that “I just started eating better and making good choices.”

Evening visits to the pantry

“My problem is that I have always been a type of sandwich: for lunch, dinner and snack. And everything that happened in 2020 made me have trouble sleeping,” he said. “I’d get up at three in the morning and make myself a sandwich. If he opened his eyes at five, he would do the same. ”

As has been said a few lines above, to slim down and lose weight it is necessary to follow a healthy diet and exercise. In addition to modifying his eating habits, O’Neal is currently immersed in a strict routine at the gym with the goal of shedding those extra pounds and ultimately taking care of himself.

“I just started eating better and making good choices.”

“I do 20 minutes of cardio and work the strength of the chest, triceps, biceps, abs, back and then I go,” he detailed. Not happy with that endurance exercise, activate your heart with an ‘extra’ chart of “30 to 45 minutes a day”. “I still have bruised hips and sore joints, so I can’t be jumping and running,” confessed the four-time NBA champion.

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Shaquille O’Neal removes a food from his diet ‘thanks’ to Instagram and loses 13 kilos