Sharon Fonseca tells us how her daughter is doing, her wedding plans with Gianluca Vacchi and the secret of her happiness

On October 27, 2020 the life of Sharon fonseca and Gianluca Vacchi changed forever. The Venezuelan model and the Italian businessman welcomed their first daughter, Blu Jerusalema, who is he, in his own words a dream come true”. The little girl is about to reach her first birthday and, therefore, in HI THERE! we wanted to speak with his proud mother, who assures that she has lived some unforgettable months. “Seeing and experiencing the world with a baby is like discovering everything for the first time and appreciating little details that you missed.. It is enjoyed in a different, but more special way, “she tells us excitedly. Sharon, 26, feels very fortunate to have been able to enjoy a calmer summer vacation “with the people we love” after last year went through a difficult time due to the pandemic. “We continued to take precautions and stayed at home most of the time and also did the COVID test at least once a week, to check that everything was fine. However, we were much calmer than last year“, he says referring to the current situation.

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– What have you enjoyed the most in these months?
I think that what I enjoy the most are the small changes and daily achievements: the first time he crawled, his first word, when he took the first step … For me, these are moments that fill me with emotion but make me more nostalgic for same time, because I feel that time flies by.

– Have you been able to spend time with your family and friends?
Yes, we had the opportunity to share more with the people we love and they had not yet had the opportunity to meet Blu J because of the pandemic. Soon we will return to Miami and we will share more with my family, and that makes me very happy.

– What advice would you give to other women who have been mothers or will be soon?
Let them take advantage of every second of this experience. Time passes too quickly; take enough photos when they are so small, they grow so fast that I later regretted not having taken more photos of them the first few months; and ask for help, if they have the opportunity to be with a close relative and feel they need it, thank God I always had my partner, but having my mother with me was a gift. My mom had three C-sections, so I knew exactly what I was feeling, as well as giving me confidence as a new mom.

– One thing that characterizes you is that you never lose your smile, would you say that you are living your happiest moment?
I am living this stage with great fulfillment and gratitude. I always remember that I am very lucky to live this experience and that allows me to have a positive perspective, and live the moment with happiness. I am aware that I still have a lot to learn and stages to live, but I am open to making mistakes, learning and continuing to build the person I want to be and the mother I want to be.


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– Every day we see you more in love with Gianluca, what is the secret of your love?
We have learned over time to understand each other and that communication is very important to us. I believe that a relationship is made of small daily efforts that make a difference. Respect, understanding, complicity and of course love, which cannot be lacking.

– Knowing how detailed he is, would you like me to surprise you with a spectacular proposal?
The truth is that the most beautiful and spectacular gift he already gave me: the arrival of my daughter. Honestly, I am sure that any surprise will delight me, because it knows me. Whether it is extravagant or simple, what really matters is what it means to us.

– Speaking of your precious baby, how is she?
Thank God very well, he has us in love.

– Do you have any more steps left after the operation?
No, I only had to do one and thank goodness we’ve been through that already.

– You said that, despite being so little, she had taught you a lesson and she was very brave, it’s amazing how children are!
They are wonderful! They have the strength and courage to face adversity that they are heroes to admire and an example to adults.

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– Who does he look like?
I think it is the fusion of both. He has my colors, but some traits of his father. Equally in the way of being, he has my sweetness but with the strong character of him. She is very independent and mature, for a one year old baby.

– What is the most important thing you have learned as a mother?
I have learned to love without limits. I have also learned to say no, since I used to have a hard time saying it. She gave me a lot of security and confidence both as a mother, as a business woman and even to run the home. I am much more self-confident since I was a mother.

– Has it cost you a lot to recover?
I’ve been taking things easy. I’ve never pressured myself to get back in shape. I understand that it takes a lot of effort and patience. I thought it would be easier as I was used to seeing rapid changes in other people, but I have to remember that each body is different and takes the time it needs. In my case, it has helped me to take action and make small changes, be a little more consistent with my training, watch what I eat, although I am very flexible, and be on the move. It is important to take care of ourselves too, especially in this postpartum stage.

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– Since he was a father, Gianluca has shown us a facet that we did not know, much sweeter, more tender … beyond his crazy part and his funny dances. Is he the father you always wanted for your children?
It’s more than I ever wanted. I always wanted a father present for my children. He is such a present father, but at the same time so loving and special … He is enjoying every moment with our daughter, who is very beautiful, and I am very fortunate that my daughter’s father loves and appreciates her as much as I do.

– What is it that made you fall in love with him?
Gian is such an intelligent and wise man who has a different perspective to see things, which I admire and respect very much. His mom once told me that he felt like he had lived for 100 years, because of his wisdom, and it’s something I always remember. At the same time, that wisdom is transformed into delicacy to appreciate life and the people he loves, which is something that makes me fall in love with him. Besides his sense of humor, since I love to laugh, of course.

– Would you like to repeat the experience of being a mother?
At the moment I am fully enjoying my daughter and I also have other personal projects on the way that I would like to focus on. I am always open to the possibility God willing, but in the future probably.

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Sharon Fonseca tells us how her daughter is doing, her wedding plans with Gianluca Vacchi and the secret of her happiness