She goes blind and gained 20 kilos: After 12 years missing, Televisa actress gives strong news

Mexico City.- A famous soap opera protagonist from Televisa, who carries 12 years retired from the artistic medium, makes strong confessions after a drastic physical change and of uncovering last year that it was going blind before the age of 30.

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It is about the exact Allisson lozz, who after starring in the soap opera In the name of love beside Sebastian Zurita Y Altair Jarabo, disappeared from the public eye and left Televisa.

Although for many it disappeared from social networks, and it was only known that it was dedicated to its religion and his family, Allisson has remained active on social networks, where she has shown her drastic changes of ‘look’ and makes important confessions to his fans.

A few weeks ago, his ex-partner Altair Jarabo He said he wanted to contact her after learning that Allisson had a vision problem. As you will recall, doctors informed the Chihuahuan that she would possibly go completely blind before the age of 30.

The retired actress, who was in melodramas like Alegrijes and Rebujos Y SOS mission, left in shock with what he declared in his stories of Instagram, as he announced that his name is no longer Allisson Lozz, but has now changed his name to Allisson Gutierrez.

Although everyone knows her as Allisson Lozz, the actress confirmed that she decided to modify it so that they no longer recognized her so much on the street, in addition to being her husband’s last name.

Lozano is the last name I was born with from my father but in Mexico and the United States it is used a lot that when you get married, you use your husband’s last name and the truth to avoid being recognized in many places, I preferred to adopt it in order to everything and I love it, “he said.

“Am Allisson Gutierrez and I abbreviate GTZ because when I met my husband since we were friends, he would abbreviate it that way and I like it, “he added.

Allisson also said that she does not like taking pictures with fans who bump into her on the street, since those moments that she is with her family are sacred to her.

I don’t like being asked for photos because when I go out I’m with my girls, it’s a family moment, so those moments are cut, those literal moments, moments that are super valuable to me. ”

Fans of the former Televisa star also questioned her if her daughters know that she is famous And if she would like them to follow her steps in acting, to which she said no, since for them fame is not important and although they know she was famous, her work now selling cosmetics in the United States impacts them more.

On whether he would like his daughters to do something in the artistic medium, he commented:

In the long run, everyone makes their own decisions, but I sincerely hope that none of them choose anything related to the artistic medium but rather something that allows them to work to live and not live to work. ”

The former actress was also questioned about whether she would like to return to acting soon and said bluntly:

Never, every day I am more satisfied with my decision, since I retired for almost 12 years and every time I experience the childhood of my girls (and mine also because I hardly had one) is when I confirm that I would make the same decision a thousand times more “.

Finally, Allisson commented that he used to visit Mexico often but since the Covid-19 pandemic he stopped doing so, however he hopes that in 2022 he will be able to travel again.

After a radical makeover, since lost 15 kilos after climb more than 20 for his hypothyroidism, the 29-year-old soap opera star has already publicly exhibited to Televisa because he assures that he almost did not earn money, contrary to what many may think.

In addition, it was said that the company at the time gave her an ultimatum to lose weight after seeing her at a food stand in front of the facilities, which caused the annoyance of the actress and her fans.

Source: YouTube channel of Azteca América, TVNotas and Instagram @ allisson.gtz

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She goes blind and gained 20 kilos: After 12 years missing, Televisa actress gives strong news