She is Evelyn Beltrán ‘La Bichota’, Toni Costa’s new girlfriend

After four months of speculation about whether the Spanish dancer already had a new partner, in recent days he decided to break the silence and confirmed that a new opportunity in love was given with the model and ‘influencer’ Evelyn Beltrán.

Costa spoke in an interview for a show program about the relationship he has with the creator of content for social networks, known as ‘La Bichota’.

I am very well, very calm and happyespecially happy,” he told ‘Chisme en vivo’.

Although the couple has not yet made their romance official on their respective digital platforms, as celebrities usually do these days, they had already given signs of their romance by exchanging ‘likes’, as well as some photos and videos that they shared through that medium and that revealed that they were in the same places.

Who is Evelyn Beltrán, Toni Costa’s new girlfriend?

Evelyn Beltran is 27 years old. and is 11 years younger than the choreographer, 38 years old. On his Instagram profile, where he has more than 100 thousand followers, he points out that is Mexican and lives in Austin, Texas.

Evelyn Beltrán is not dedicated to television like the Puerto Rican Adamari López, however, has stood out in beauty pageants. In 2014 she was crowned Miss US Texas.

In addition to modeling, singing is another of his passionsalthough there is no evidence that he is engaged in this profession.

Costa’s new girlfriend has gained massive popularity on TikTok, where she frequently shares content related to working out and getting fit. In some of her publications, she shows that she also enjoy dancing and that she is good at choreography, just like her boyfriend.

‘The Bichota’ also has a son: Timothy, 4 years old. In social networks, both she and the dancer show that family is her priority.

Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán no longer hide their love

Given the recent statements by Toni Costa, the couple little by little is revealing details of their relationship. The influencer even put her social media accounts back in public mode, after having made them private for a while while the rumors of her courtship grew.

The dancer and Beltrán they spent Valentine’s Day together in Miami. On that occasion, each one shared in their Instagram stories that they spent an evening at the Skyview in Miami.

In one of the videos that the “influencer” published, she added the song “Tú y yo” by Tommy Torres and Daddy Yankee in the background. That special day, Evelyn also received a bouquet of flowers from Toni Costa, which she also showed on her networks and accompanied the image with the theme “What more can I ask for” by Carin León.

What does Adamari López think of the new relationship between her ex Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán?

After the news of her daughter’s father’s courtship was released, the 50-year-old actress and presenter spoke about it on the morning show she currently hosts.

For me this is not newIt seems to me that the thing to do is always wish you much happiness, many good things, because everything that one wishes to those around us has repercussions, especially in my case, with my daughter; and what I want is for my daughter to be well“, he pointed.

The Puerto Rican announced that he was separating from the choreographer on May 27, 2021. Adamari opened her heart on the program she is part of and talked about the end of their relationship. Without giving many details about the reasons that led them to finish, she pointed out that it was “for the welfare of his family”.

The fans and followers of the couple expected a reconciliation, but recent events suggest that there may be no return.


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She is Evelyn Beltrán ‘La Bichota’, Toni Costa’s new girlfriend