She resigned from ‘Hoy’: After leaving her, Galilea Montijo’s husband exhibits her as “unfaithful and drunk”

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Mexico City.- Following rumors of an alleged marital crisis and even a divorce, a video of Galilea Montijo and her husband Fernando Reina where he points her by unfaithful and by “drunk“.

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After Galilea Montijo appeared at an event in the CDMX without her husband, she confessed that her husband decided to leave hima for a strong reason, which sparked speculation and led to think that after 10 years together, they could be going through a bad time.

He does not like to walk with me, I would have loved it, the few times they have seen him is because I pull him but he does not like to accompany me to rugs or events because apart from that he tells me: ‘I’m going to leave you alone, enjoy yourself. I stay with the child ‘and I appreciate that very much. “

He quickly changed the subject and revealed that he’s in the best of his health problems, which prevented him from appearing at the Today program several days and that they have kept her going frequently to the hospital after the aftermath of the Covid-19.

Now, in social networks a video that Gali and her husband recorded for TikTok last year, where they make strong revelations of their relationship during the dynamic: “Who’s Most Likely? Extreme Level.”

During the questions, both of them had to point to whoever did what the voice-over mentioned. When they mentioned, “Who is most likely to wear drunk? “, Reina did not hesitate for a second to point to the driver, in addition to pointing out herself, admitting that from time to time she passes her glasses.

Subsequently, they asked who is most likely to become chavorruco, to which he again pointed to Gali and she pointed to herself as well.

Finally, by asking them “Who is most likely to be unfaithful? “, they were both quite surprised and pointed at each other in just a second, sparking controversy.

Although this dynamic was with the aim of amusing, the truth is that Guadalajara is not alien to this type of signaling. As will be remembered, Gustavo Adolfo Infante mentioned that she was unfaithful to her ex-partner, the surgeon Jorge Krasovsky, with Reina.

Gali began an affair with Krasovsky in 2009 after meeting him at the morning today. They both got engaged and broke up in 2011, right after she met her current husband.

Hey, Gali skipped a step, letting Krasovsky know first that they were going to finish … it’s the truth! I’m not coming here to lie to people. We are not going to beat each other on the chest and so on, but neither will the immaculate Virgin of Guadalupe, eh … she put the horn on Krasovsky, “Gustavo said.

Although Galilea had already confessed on Televisa that he was once unfaithful, he did not indicate with which partner.

This news comes after the show host Alex Kaffie revealed in his column last week that Guadalajara would have asked executives for permission to leave Today, since he could no longer be part of the morning.

Arguing that by medical prescription he must keep absolute rest, Galilea Montijo has asked Televisa for a work license to be absent from ‘Hoy’ for a while. ”

Kaffie mentioned that the presenter was instructed by her cardiologist to slow down her workload, so she would take indefinite vacations, although it is unknown until now if high-ranking officials will grant it.

Source: Twitter @programa_hoy and Instagram @galileamontijo

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She resigned from ‘Hoy’: After leaving her, Galilea Montijo’s husband exhibits her as “unfaithful and drunk”