Sheltered by the love of her children and her granddaughter Cayetana, América Guinart celebrates 50 years

After going through one of the most difficult times as a family, at fire your patriarch, Don Vicente Fernandez, the clan has preferred to live the duel away from social networks; however, this December 22th, the older children of Alejandro Fernandez they wanted to wink at their mom, America Guinart, for his 50th birthday, a date that she celebrated with an intimate meeting in which we saw her enjoy the love of her three children and the youngest of the family, the little Cayetana who, has been the balm of happiness in the most complicated moments. Through Instagram, their children, America Y Alex shared some pictures of how they are celebrating his mom’s life.

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With an album of three images in which the birthday girl appears, her daughters, the twins, Camila, America and Cayetana, the daughter of the celebrated wrote: “50 of the most beautiful in the whole world”. In the images the beautiful birthday girl appears, wearing a black long-sleeved blouse, sunglasses and original pants with a black striped print with gray tones, a look with which she made it clear that she has an unparalleled style that she has inherited from her daughters. . For its part, America wore a beige knit dress, while Camila chose a set of bottle green pants and coat With which she looked very elegant, to give the color contrast, the singer wore a beige blouse, with a turtleneck, beige.

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As expected, in this series of photos, the one who stole the camera giving lessons in tenderness was Cayetana who, for her grandmother’s birthday, she wore a very warm look. With a sky blue knitted sweater and beige pants, the baby appears very playful with the birthday girl whom she is very close to. According to America itself, the arrival of Cayetana changed her life because it was she who has provided her with the best maternity tips for your daughter Camila. Always aware of her granddaughter, América has become the most spectacular grandmother in the middle of the show and Cayetana the most sympathetic baby. Soon, América will repeat this experience with the birth of Mía, the baby awaiting her first-born Álex and her daughter-in-law Alexia Hernández.

In fact, in this intimate celebration, the next parents were also present, as did Alex, who shared on Instagram an image next to his beautiful mother, to whom he dedicated a heartfelt message with which he reiterated his affection: “I am grateful to life to be able to count on you at all times and celebrate your 50 years together. Thank you mom for your unconditional love and for all your support. Let it be 100 more years. Love you”It is read in the feed of the singer who, this weekend, moved the whole family with his presentations in Guadalajara, where he sang the song to his father, Time does not forgive, a song that he also dedicated to the memory of his grandfather, Vicente Fernández.

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America Guinart’s farewell to her father Vicente

Unlike her children, America did not resort to her networks to celebrate their birthdays, in fact, the last publication of the tapatia on Instagram is dedicated to Don Vicente Fernández, to whom he said goodbye with a moving message that was accompanied by several images to the next to his father Vicente, as he said affectionately: “A star is extinguished, but its brightness will always remain between us. A very difficult goodbye. Much to thank you, Papa Vicente. Thank you for introducing my parents and thus helping me to come into the world. Fly high as you did in life. He will always live in my heart and in that of millions of people who love him “, it reads in the feed of America, who was always very close to the singer.

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Sheltered by the love of her children and her granddaughter Cayetana, América Guinart celebrates 50 years